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Most defeats in a row?


Don’t know what the record for the most arena defeats in a row is but I am on my way to breaking it in Arena 7 today. 0 wins and 7 defeats so far.


I think not more than 4. Actual Arena 6. :slight_smile:


Before last week not ever more than 2-3. Then last week I was at my highest with 3300 trophies after making it into arena 7. I was pretty happy since I’m f2p and was lvl8. Lost 11 in a row and ended around 2800. Now I’m lvl9 and have anywhere in between 2900 - 3100 and if I lose two games against players, might get a run of 3 - 7 losses before I get a win. Then I’ll climb back up to have it happen the next day all over again.


Hit 3512 trophies and was promptly bot stomped down to 2298 before another win. Not sure now many losses it was.


Upgrade your dinos, that helps or perhaps change your line up


3-4 losses on average, depending on whether or not I make a mistake mid-battle and select the wrong dinosaur. :sweat_smile:

I can usually tell if it will be a difficult battle based on whatever my opponent selects as their first attacker. My Baryonyx is a wonderful starter if I’m facing Einiasuchus, but not always so if I’m facing raptors or theropods with Counter-Attack.


I think 3 or 4? At least two of the battles included what I consider to be the worst dino setup I could get (all defense at once, all glass cannons at once, all slowest at once, etc.)


22 in a row is my record number of consecutive loses to the level 30 bots.

They hit hard lol…


in arena 7, i’d say my average dino level is about 18-19 and for me it seems if you lose 2-3 times in a row you get to play a team of all level 12-13s. win 2 or 3 in a row and you face the level 30s


Don’t wait long enough for that to happen on your win streaks I’m only waiting 5 seconds now. If I don’t get a q I try another time or take a break. Have not vs a lvl 30 bot in 5 days now and almost to top 100 now :yum:. Hope it helps