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Most effective ways to find Grypo

I know that we are getting 6 attempts on Grypo on Thursday and will probs get it to level 20, but I will it by any means be able to create Grypolyth. I know that it is an epic L4 spawn and I don’t think that there is a nest for it, but are there any other possible ways to get it quickly

When it first appeared there was circumstantial evidence it tended to appear near water but not sure that still applies. Yes, its local 4 but I find it is the most elusive of the epics in that local.

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Yeah that’s what makes if soo annoying for me

And since it’s only 6 attempts that’s not enough for me to start fusing

I finally unlocked Grypolyth recently - the bulk of DNA came from incubators (arena and towers) including a large amount from an Epic tower incubator.

So what your trying to say is…
You have to get lucky?
I spent all my times wishing not to have Grypo, but now that’s really the epic I want I can’t find it. How hard is it to dart

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I will give you good news. If there is a nest for Grypo and, specifically, are the animal stores.

Anyway, if I were you I would not be very excited. I live on weekends in an apartment that is above an animal store that is a nest and there are always the other creatures of that nest (purrusaurus, sarcosuchus and Postosuchus) but I think that only once in many months Grypo came out. Interestingly, the Postosuchus that is rare does appear a lot.

Yep :+1:

That and scents; I don’t buy them only use the ones I get from strike towers. Did 2 in L2 this morning - first one gave me 1 T-Rex, 3(!!) Monolopo and 1 Secondo; second one gave me 1 T-Rex, 1 Spino G2, 2 Monolopo and 4(!!!) Secondo. I was stunned - got nearly 1000 Monolopo which is great as that was my target creature - leveled Monomimus to L20 and started fusing Petrovexus :slight_smile:

Probably circumstantial but everytime I have bought an epic scent (not something I do often) I think “meh, not worth it” and then I get a free one and it is immense - almost like they are trying to lure you in … :thinking:

Until version 1.7 buy aromas was the best way to invest the tickets because, proportionately, you got much more from them than buying incubators and, besides, it is much more fun. With the appearance of the Boosts this is no longer the case because of the price of an epic scent you can buy 25 boosts of health and 25 boost of strength and evolve quickly and effortlessly a creature that would cost months to get hunting, at least, in the first levels of Boost. On the other hand, if you need paid DNA (exclusive sand) the aromas will not serve you.

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I see your point, but not matter how many boosts I buy, that ain’t gonna level up my Grypo

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I’m close to getting grypolyth, honestly i find him the most while traveling. He seems to spawn more than other epic dinos and idk why. Midday if i go through 2 or 3 L4 zones i will usually find at least 2.

Time of day definitely seems to be a factor in the appearance of some creatures - you may have hit on Grypo-time. I will make a note of the time next time I find one :+1:

You don’t. Everytime you try to farm Rajasaurus / Ouranosaurus now or Gryposuchus / used to be Ankylosaurus in L4, it’s guaranteed 5 Koolasuchus.

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I find that they all spawn the most when you don’t look for them lol.

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I usually find them between like 12-2 pm. Thats when i tend to find them. Very rarely see them any other time honestly. May be circumstantial but its the best i got.

Ok. What time zone is this as I am GMT and might need to transfer your time to that, but will look out for them then. Massive thanks for that help

LOL - good point - forgot to ask about time zone :laughing:

Im in the Eastern Standard. Live in FL US

Ok. Thanks. Hope to find one soon. Also, how hard are they to dart

The crocs are deceptively slow. Might take some getting used to. At least, it did for me. But I’m also a bad shot in this game. :joy: