Most excited to see

Most excited to see a variety of dinos finally. It’s pretty sad when you can predict what the opponents team is going to be. The 4500-5000 range was the same damn thing over and over. Will be happy not to see Stegod, tragod, monomimus on every single team.


Me too bro!!

Ohh man, literally every single time …

About time the game forced people to get more creative… I can’t wait for the update to go live :man_dancing:t4:

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I’m glad my team was always full of oddballs…

It’s going to be new names and the same complaints. Uniques will run isht more than ever and over leveling lesser dinos became tough. Everyone likes diversity until they lose with it

To add to my above post (MNB take notes for your article) this update added no diversity. And it didn’t because it shouldn’t unless the intent was to ruin the game by overthrowing the rarity of dinos versus their ability. Yes, there are unicorn dinos that can outperform their placement. I like those, they add some balance and especially give new players a dedicated place to invest early. Stegod used to be in that place but he’s no longer as reliable for newer players.

Ignoring all of that what makes one think we will see “diversity” for longer than a week as folks figure out their overleveled rares don’t cut it? Uniques and many strong legendaries held their place in the meta…nothing changed. Bleeders outside of SuchoS landing a draw against Stegod is a laughable achievement and certainly not a feat that will result in their removal from many teams.

Meanwhile Erlidominus…and Tryko…and Rinex…and Dilorach…get used to the diverse order you see these dinos at higher levels


Less Stegod probably. But then the Hit and Run and tons of Bleeders gonna swarm the Arenas.
In a month players gonna start complaining again - no variety; Bleeders vs Bleeders and Hit and Run vs Hit and Run.

Anyhows, I’m enjoying life right now at the lower arenas. The moment I’m at the Lockwood gates, I’ll change my team. Rinse. Repeat.

Easy incubs farming. More enjoyable - on the way down and up.

The Devs can change whatever they like. Nerf. Buff or whatever… I’ll adapt myself to the lower arenas (I do not have that much money to spend on this game to concern about which dinos get nerf or buff, etc. to remain competitive). If one day Arena 8 is too much for me to bear, I’ll enjoy myself in Arena 7. So on and so forth.

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True… Lately the go-to opening combo is utarinex followed by dilocheirus. I see it often.

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At least it makes you think and look at the other players stats instead of their stegod comes out. Oh let me guess, SS then APR

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I agree with you. My go to Dinos now are Dilorach and Utarinex. It will be the case of who can level the unique dinos faster.

My personal opinion - the over levelled rare and epic dinos are of not much use. The unique dinos hit too hard and generally have too much HP. And if these rare, epic or even legendary dinos are way too OP, chances are they will get nerf with the next patch.

I will just focus towards creating and leveling up the unique dinos

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Dilo comes out. Guess what? Distracting Rampage then Hit and Run.

Utarinex comes out. Guess what? Distracting Rampage. Instant Charge. Then Hit and Run.

Next Sucho comes out. Guess what? Lethal Wound. Then Swoop.

Erlidom comes out. Guess what? Minimal Speedup Strike/Rampage. Then Hit and Run.

Hard to guess? Piece of cake.

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This is wisdom.

My only disagreement is the idea it will take one month for the complaints. It will take one hour before the “Stegod is finally gone but now I’m outsped” tears start flowwing. At most

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Difference is not everyone has these dinos. Stegod was incredibly easy to make. I’d say majority of the steady players are in the 3800-4800 range and that’s where every team was identical.

Same goes with most other dinos.
Stegod as well. To create. And level up. Takes time and resources for most of us players (now it has become harder with the change in Apato spawn time and 10s fuses).

If you’re referring to the 4.8k to 5.0k levels, then, you may not have really seen the reality. At 5.2k and above, the majority of teams has at least Dilo or Utarinex (most of them have Dilo and Utarinex). I was at 5.6k before the patch notes release. Before deciding that I wanna enjoy the game with less stress - ( read as too concern about my medals tally… :sweat_smile:…)…

Now I’m really enjoying life at 4.0k; less worries about what got nerfed or buffed. No urgency to create new dinos, etc. (At 4.0k most players still haven’t created those dinos yet). Besides, I don’t have too much money to spend on this game to buy coins to fuse and level up new dinos each and every time there’s an update… :sweat_smile:

If I want varieties, I will move to the lower arenas. I may use all those L15s dinos to battle - instead of the usual suspects.

Anyhows, best of luck on your journey to Lockwood…:+1:
I have had my time there and decides it’s time to change my perspective…:blush:

I was close to Lockwood at 4960 then kept losing. With the way the new trophy count for arenas is going to be, I’ll get into them both, get the incubator then just play my favourite dinos as I’ll never be top 10 so may as well just have fun