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Most frustrating things


So yeah, well two most annoyint things happend to me today;-) Im rly done with my alliance, im doing most of the work and we have 48 players and cant even Get to the 4 stage. Maybe u have some active alliances that want to take an active player?:wink:


No offense, but according to ur blue bar, I would hardly say ur doing the most

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U may have top contributed to 2 but what about the other 8 lol


yeah just find another alliance…

we’re already at rank 3 for exploration and it’s only be active for like 8 hours and your alliance took an entire week :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome to join the land down under.


Hey Kubusiowy- come check our group out, we’re called YouBetJurassican. We’d love to have you on board!


Well, if u click on it the blue bar is much bigger, definitelly more than 1/47 of the whole bar, and yeah fighting isnt rly for me, the live arena is in such a poor condition, its just frustrating to play it


You could join Antoshkas alliance we are all pretty active and we do a cleanse for in active players pretty often also.