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Most INACCURATE “cutest” dinosaur list


  1. There are 3 RAPTORS hogging up the space.

  2. What’s so cute about Turamoloch? It scared me when I first saw it.

  3. Where are some of the other cute bois? Like triceratops, sarchosuchus, or
    Stygimoloch or more USELESS creatures.

Overall, this is just a raptor hogging event.


all you need to do, is to imagine the dinos at baby stage and they are very cute


Here ya go @kuroixx:

(But I do agree OP, Owens raptors are fillers. Except maybe Delta)

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I bet utarinex was first but they don’t want to give it to us


I was with you until you suggested even more useless dinos


Agreed. :slight_smile:

I do think Delta is a filler as well though. Ornitho does Deltas job of hit hard and get out, much better then Delta does. Orni will swap out, Delta will get slowed and killed with the second hit almost every time.


Agree, the argument that Delta can swap out, is will almost always get slowed and killed


This guy gets it.


I said that the creatures are useless


What is cute for one is not cute for another.

And honestly baby blue is the cutest :heart_eyes:


Okay but where is Koolasuchus? That’s the most cutest dino ever. :heart_eyes:

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Hands down @GorillaGlue!
Ornitho > Delta in every way.
To the point that If you have it leveled high enough, I think it’s well deserving of a spot even on elite teams.


cuteness is subjective, of course - but they all look cute to their proud proud mama, i’m sure!

Image result for Dr. Henry Wu


To be honest I think that diplotator is the most cutest of all. Jurassic version off Pluto. :blush:

But he is’nt much usefull in the arena.

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At least, thanks to blue and the others useless raptors we get more attempts on sino and draco.


Where the heck are the erlikosaurs??? They still have never been featured and are way cuter than raptors.

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Yea. And then where is tryostronix?? because to me tryo is the cutest so far. All other dinos are ugly like zombies.

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Our community voted these the cutest…

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Ludia never showed us the results. They say whatever they want. People chose Sino and Draco and what on earth utarenix was not chosen? LUDIA just didn’t want to give us utarenix.