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Most interesting team you've ever seen?

This team is one I would call “unique”, literally! All 3 dinos were high level commons. If it hadn’t been my first battle of the day I would think that this was the bot you get after 2 losses, although I don’t know if you get those in lower Aviary. This was on my second account.

This is only for proof that it wasn’t a friendly battle.

Here’s the rest of the team.

Here’s mine. I’m making uniques but not using them until I absolutely have to.

What’s the most interesting team you’ve ever faced in battle?

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Commons are still good and are often underrated as the game goes along.

Most interesting for me was an entire team of high teen level pterosaurs. No back up. No tanks or chompers to help take down opponents. Just 8 pterosaurs.


Someone posted on FB.

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