Most Needed Mechanic In 1.8

Ludia and staff, wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, hear me out!! If there is gonna be 1.8, this is my biggest request: Add an in-game mechanic that allows you to convert Gen 2 DNA into Pure DNA, and vice versa. Example: 500 Dilopho Gen 2 DNA for 200 Pure Dilopho DNA and 50 Pure Koola DNA for 200 Koola Gen 2 DNA. Come on folks, let’s make this the most highly talked about topic in Ludia History!!!

If you have so much you could always stop darting those.
They are called Rare or Epic for a reason.
For me, if what you suggest happens, the game will be much easier and that’s the problem.
If you need something you should try harder. Shortcut, always is not a good idea.

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You’ll need a mechanic because it’s wheels have already come off.

Gen 2 doesn’t always mean inferior. Like Spinosaurus Gen 2 is the epic.

Basically I’d like something more than alliance donation to sort out DNA. So good idea.

Look here, anky Gen 2 is super common on Tuesday as it is the daily spawn. Your telling me that you should be able to transfer let’s say 500 anky gen 2 DNA to 50 anky? And I though boosts were unbalanced


Don’t forget Irritator Gen 2. Many got more than 100k of her.


This reminds me of a mechanic in Star Trek Timelines where you can recycle other items to create ones you don’t have. But it required a lot of starter material to replicate rarer items: 10 to 1 or even 100 to 1.

Not saying Ludia would do the same, but I like the idea. Personally, I would go as far as creating special incubators that recycle DNA as you walk (similar to eggs/buddies in PoGo).

You choose the DNA you want to recycle (or culture) as you walk and it will turn into rarer RNG DNA from the same group of Dinos, for example: Deinocheirus would turn into erlik gen 2, erlik, diloracheirus, erlidom or erlikospyx.

Even if you only got between 1 and 5 dna on the unique ones per 10km you get the benefits of slightly more dna over time and more rewards for walking while darting dinos.

Recycling should still be slower than fusing Dinos.

EDIT: Maybe the RNG even just increases the supply of the original dna slowly if that one has a fusion on a higher rarity in addition to the main group.

If we could convert 1000 common DNA into 50 Rare or 10 Epic, that would be incredibly helpful!

(Sorry for the delay in response. Waited over a day to see people’s remarks.) I understand the first part clearly, though this boils down to the frustration of opening an incubator after an online battle, only to find creature DNA you don’t need.

As for the second part, after playing the Ed Edd n Eddy video game Level regarding traversing to the candy store, only to eat some sort of cleaning product by accident, I can see that logic you are presenting me.

Technically, I envision it being similar to Team Fortress 2, where you combine or smelt pieces of metal: Scrap>Reclaimed>Refined