Most obnoxious non-hybrid dinos to fight?

I’m not much of a pro, so I didn’t have many hybrids and I’m stuck at Badlands.
I’m wondering, what non-hybrid dinosaurs that everyone hate/ used to hate to fight against? That made them stuck at an arena before getting better dinosaurs/hybrids?
Personally, I hated fighting Sinoceratops. First of all, its strike has decelerate effect, making it impossible to outspeed Sinoceratops unless you have immune and faster creature (such as Ornithomimus) or have decelerate ability and faster than it (such as Pachycephalosaurus). And then, the Greater Stunning Impact, the damage of it is ridiculous and it stuns as the name implies. When you finally outspeed the behemoth and thought you almost beat it, Instant Charge says hi. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this guy also has armor. You ended up getting beaten quickly and the Sino keeps its cycle. As a result, this mofo ended up 0-3 me many times.
For (non-hybrid) counters, I suggest Ornithomimus since it’s faster, immune, and has instant distraction. Use Evasive Strike first, as Instant Charge has 1 turn delay. Most likely your opponent will use Instant Charge since you outspeed them, so Instant Distraction will greatly reduced the damage and won’t hurt you so much. Don’t use Impact and Run unless the Sino is in low health and can be beaten by it, since most likely the dino you will swapped on will most likely get stunned or decelerated (unless the dino has swap in stun, wound, or rampage). Just keep doing evasive strikes (and don’t forget to remember Instant Charge cooldown so you can use Instant Distraction) and pray to RNG God you will dodge the attack.
Another counter I suggest is probably Dimetrodon or Secodontosaurus, as they won’t be stunned by Sinoceratops and has defense shattering attack. But keep in mind they are way slower than Sino and has no armor, so most likely will be defeated by the impact or instant charge.
I’d also suggest using Pachycephalosaurus since decelerate impact has no delay and can counter the decelerating strike. But it is prone to stunning attacks, so be careful with Greater Stunning Impact.

There’s also other creature I hated to fight against, which is Smilodon. It’s already one of the fastest creature in the game (only outspeeded by ornithomimids and dromaeosaurs), and holy sh*t the damage of its Precise Pounce is as ridiculous as the Velociraptor before the nerf. And it also has Evasive Strike, also dealing so many damages for a strike. And its attack has almost no cooldown AT ALL. Instant Prowl cleanse it and gives it a dodge ability, and also has NO COOLDOWNS. Once again, this creature ended up 0-3 me many times again.
The counters (non hybrid) I suggest, is dinosaurs that can decelerate it. Three of which I recommend the most, is the following:

  1. Sinoceratops. It will most likely survive the Precise Pounce due to its armor, and also has decelerating strike that helps it outspeed Smilodon. And since Smilodon is not immune, use Greater Stunning Impact and Instant Charge to stun and kill it, since Smilodon’s health is relatively low.
  2. Ouranosaurus, even though it has no armor, it will survive Smilodon’s pounce since the health is plentier than the pounce can drain. Plus, the Superiority Strike will cleanse the distraction and decelerates Smilodon. Use Greater Stunning Rampage to finish it off (Since Smilodon’s health is relatively low).
  3. Wuerhosaurus, You can use either Superiority Strike to decelerate it and cleanse the distraction (since it has armor it’ll survive the Precise Pounce) or Instant Distraction to greatly reduce the damage. And you can also use Thagomizer to finish the Smilodon off (pray to RNG God you will bypass dodge though).

That’s my most obnoxious non-hybrid creature to fight against. What’s yours? I want to know your opinion.

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As someone who used to be in your situation, I know how you feel. Yes I’m stuck in a higher area, but still, I understand your frustrations.

I often bounced back and forth between Badlands and Lockdown thanks to a certain Legendary hybrid that likes to cloak all day long >^>

But when I was fighting pure dinos, I often had trouble with Rexy. Before you say anything, yes, she’s slower than most, but the slowfulness was often overlooked because of her pure damage stat. And those crits, OMG. It’s like being hit by a frigging speeding train. Don’t have a dino with a low health pool, lest you get critted and die almost instantly and crumple on the ground like paper.

My other problem was Postosuchus. She is fairly fast for a dino that ain’t a Raptor, and is very powerful. Don’t let her FS on a nearly dead dino, unless you want to get boosted hits for the rest of the round.

And while we’re on the topic of Raptors, Pyroraptor was a problem for me. I used her more than actual Velociraptor. But I used her back when she had Critical Impact and Armor Piercing Impact, not Distracting Impact. When she had CI, she critted fairly often. When she had API, all my armored dinos were just out of luck ;-;

Last but not least is Gallimimus. This was back when she seemed to have 100% dodge, and you couldn’t touch her for anything. It was like her theme song was “Can’t Touch This”.

I was an annoyed person back then xD


I think no creatures should have more than 1 stun move. And instant charge should not exist in the game just like swap in DSR.

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But why? At least the Minimal Stun move has gone away. I often dreaded when I faced a dino class that had all there stunning moves.

Two is cool enough. They are a class that have stunning to aid them. No harm no foul. Just have an immune dino in your team. Just like the chompers that have more than one DS move. We can work our ways around the stuns.

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My Sino eats Rexy alive. Decelerate, Stun Impact, Instant Charge, Decelerate again, you win.
Me too, used to think Rexy is op due to its insane damage even at low level. Even Ankylosaurus is no match for her. But I stopped using her because of how slow she is and she has no defence options at all. Any stunning/wounding dinos can easily defeat her.

Oh yeah, forgot about the ornithomimids. They used to be the bane of my existence. When I used Ornithomimus, it’s basically useless. But when I fought it, it almost dodge 100% of my attacks. It is basically untouchable, like you said. Till I discover nullifying dinos, of course.

Because that move is just unreasonable in the game, regardless if the creature is powerful or not. Not to mention it is the core problem in the whole moveset. I rather remove the problem then dance around it potentially mess up more.

Instant charge is problematic just like SIDSR. It should not exist regardless of the power level of the creature.

I miss Stegosaurus in your list. It’s one of best Smilodon counters. Has speed tied with Sino, so can be faster and Thago last two turns.

Maiasaura can be great Sino counter. Has Superiority, Instant Rampage, swap in stun and is faster than Sino.

@lcy Where are the days when dinos had 3 stunning attacks. Stegocera was virtually unstoppable.

Well, Wuerhosaurus is practically a better version of Stegosaurus, which is why I didn’t include it on my list.
I haven’t unlock Maiasaura yet, which is why I didn’t include her in my list. I’ll defitinely will try her, though. Her abilities looks so promising.

True, any dino with stunning can severely damage her. But that’s also when Rexy isn’t chomping all up and down your screen. One good critted Impact is basically a Rampage right? Even if the Sino was at 60-70% health, if Rexy was powerful enough, then she’d be able to kill Sino off before the stuns started.
And yes, that’s with crits. But before we get in an argument about whether or not Rexy will crit you, we also gotta talk about whether or not Sino will stun you. If she misses a sun somehow, then omg, she’s in so much trouble xD

But Instant Charge isn’t even like SiDSR. For one, IC does X1 damage, rather than double damage, secondly, you can plan around IC, rather than it be a surprise like the former move is often done, and third, IC doesn’t destroy Shields or go through Armor. Despite being stunned, if you’re armored and/or behind a shield, you have a chance of survival, rather than being utterly destroyed, and that’s even if the move crits.

True. But that also implies that said nullifier will survive the Impact and Run when Galli decides to dip out of the situation xD

I believe that stunning moves keep us on our toes, especially IC. It can be a reminder for that small handful of players that get too cocky that the slower dino can still fight back. That we can’t always rely on speed tiers.

Well, let’s just say “most of the time”. If I’m in a certain circumstances where I’m unlucky, yeah that would happen. But most of the time, T-rex stands no chance.

Alright then. Sure, Rexy doesn’t have much chance then. Xd

I didn’t mean that they are similar, but that they are problematic in their own ways.

IC is problematic because it forces the opponent to lose a turn while dealing full damage and at the same time is a priority move, at a very high chance.

If you compare IC to instant invincibility and instant distraction, IC is just like them which also deal 1X damage and has much less counters. It also has less cool down and downtime than instant invincibility.

Sure, I think instant invincibility needs buffs, but definitely not to the level of IC. And IC itself is problematic and should be reworked / removed IMO.

In my ancient no hybrid days the raptor meta was where it was at. I’d play people who put together a whole time of raptors lol just one after the next. That was pretty obnoxious. I hated Pyroraptor so, so much

Sino is certainly annoying, Smilodon is annoying even up at 3500+ where I am. I think Smilodons best non hybrid counter is probably Elasmotherium or Brontotherium honestly. Sino you just bleed. Brachio/Giraffatitan could mop smilodon also

Anybody with Shields and SS can mop the floor with Smilodon and Phosuracos. They ain’t Immune, so just keep spamming SS until you hit em.

Although, Smilodon is pretty terrifying if you don’t have a nullifier or armorer Dino. And I mean heavily armored. Not no 10%, 25% armor. I mean 40% armor plus shields bruh. Alankylosaurus is like the only one I can think of that’s packing armor. Oh, there’s Stegod too x3