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Most op combo ever?


Hey guys ! Hope you having a great day. Btw, I would like to share this little video I made about a good combo between Dracoceratops / Edmontoguanodon, what do you think about this ?

Of course you need some nice RNG, but for me this is pretty insane. Let me hear what u think about this strategy !

Let us pick the order of dinos

This is not new or discovered. And it’s pretty easily countered if you set up your team correctly.

But yeah every couple of battles they line up. But making posts and Vids like this only serves to get the crying started.


oh ok thanks for your comment

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Sorry didn’t mean to be negative sounding.

The intro music was cool though.

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no no don’t worry ahah, I only wanted to show something I found, but that’s nice if it’s already discovered by others. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


no harm done really… this is pvp. i dont think many will level these two up and hope for this pairing. thx fir the video. should be fun to try out in pvp.


Cool video! Of course, you not only need to have these 2 dinos on your lineup, but as @Pateradactyl said, you need to have them in the right order for this “trick” to work… Considering that the “team picking” permutation of 4 out of 8 is 1,680, the chance of this happening is very slim… Fortunately!


You don’t need to have them in the right order though, you can send the other two dinos first and after they die, you can still perform this combo, although it’s very risky, not only you have to land the stuns, but also you have to face against right dinos, ex. not immune.


It isn’t so much the order or right combo of Dino’s.

This is how the Dino’s were meant to be played. Especially the new ones.

Swap in do as you can swap out.

Dracoceratops : swap in stun or speed rampage heal out

Edmontoguanadon : same thing but heal on way out

They just made it in your face viable. Before it was more of a risk to swap

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you mean swapinrampage lol


Thanks for the video!

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What kind of phone screen has that aspect ratio?


any phone, landscape mode, or via emulator, on 1280x720, it’s for a better battle experience

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Awesome combo @Dadju! I’ve wanted to incorporate more swap in dinos on my team, and I’ll definitely try this out when I level up my Edmontoguanodon a bit more.


thanks for the comment :slight_smile: Love the new update, thanks for all your work at Ludia !

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How exactly? That’s the first time I’ve seen it in landscape mode. :smiley:


rotation app, it setup a dedicated rotation of the phone :slight_smile:


Maybe I will be able to defeat the next Boss Tower after all

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Nice! If only I could level my edmontoguanadon…

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I absolutely love him, not only into dracocera but also into stygidaryx and then stygi can bounce again leaving a bleed behind