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Most overrated creatures in JWA as of now

There are many creatures that are overrated in the game as of now that are always being asked for nerfs, and some I feel are quite unjustified. So, here are my top 5 overrated creatures for JWA as of now that shouldn’t get nerfs.

5 . This isn’t just 1 spot here, but rather #5 is a 3-way tie between Mortem rex, allosaurus gen 2, and acrocanthosaurus. The reason is they can all cleanse distraction. Let’s first get mortem out of the way by saying it’s an apex, and while it can cleanse distraction, most cunnings can still take care of it decently well. Besides, it’s an apex, so it should be strong. Now let’s cover the epic duo. These 2 are also not broken in any way because well, it’s their basic attack. If they had cleansing impact, then sure that’s pretty darn good. But being their basic move is something different and it’s not like they stomp on cunnings. They are fine.

4 . Next up is a creature that has been getting complaints recently, and I have no idea why, and that is tenontorex. I do not know why people are complaining about this one. Tenontorex is a good creature designed for the endgame, so of course it is strong. It is usually slow and isn’t fully immune to anything which can bite you, but this thing is still very strong. But is it broken? No. There are ways around it that are easy to use.

3 . Next up on the list is another unique that is much more common than tenontorex and that is thoradolosaur. Thor is decently strong and gets stronger when boosted, but there are so many ways to take it down it’s not that hard to do. Even for lower players, there are many easy-to-level options that you have for thor like monolometrodon, procerathomimus, smiloceph, and diplovenator. And then when you get better creatures, there are many who also counter thor while also being relevant like ardentismaxima, geminititan, and erlikospyx. And then you have the apexes, 3 of the 4 of which also crush thor. Thor is fine. Yes, it is easy to level, but there are plenty of ways to deal with it.

2 . Next on the list is sarcorixis. Sarco is in an interesting spot, and that is because the epic meta it’s in favors it too much. Does it need a nerf? No. But rather the creatures around it need buffs to knock it back into line. For some reason, many of the epic hybrids need to be raid-oriented. But is it a broken creature? No. It’s a strong epic, but not one that needs a nerf. In the arena, creatures like grypo, maxima, ankylocodon, and the new ankylodicirus just shut it down.

1 . Finally, we have the overrated king to rule them all: Monolometrodon. I see people saying this thing is better than monolorhino, which is completely false in almost every way. Unboosted, monolometrodon is good, but it doesn’t excel. Heck I dropped it in the last legendary tournament because it just gets outsped by other popular legendaries like eremoceros, smiloceph, and grylenken while slower creatures like diplodocus and mammotherium could tackle it too. It also suffers from something that mags doesn’t (So stop saying they are about equal. Yes they are in the same GP tier, but mags is at the might end while monolometrodon is near the lower end): turn 3. This is the thorn in its side. Yes, it can kill many creatures in 2 hits, but after turn 3, it’s a sitting duck and easy pickings for many things. Then you throw boosts into the mix, and while it get’s stronger, so do the things that take advantage of it. Trykos can hit it into 1-shot range and gems get strong enough to take it in 2. Creatures like spyx will crush it, as will other lower cunnings like erlikogamma and procerathomimus. This thing isn’t broken. It’s a strong legendary, and was probably made that way to stop the thor complaints, but it isn’t OP or broken or anything like that.


Monolometrodon is my fav he is so cute.


Nah monolometro looks ugly


I think it looks kinda neat


I think this is fair. Most of my mono complaints are from bad matchmaking (level 28+ With 1800 attack.)

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I think Mono probably just need to lose distraction res so that a lot of cunnings (Phorus, Grylenken, Alloraptor, Edaphcoevia, and Utahsino come in mind here) beat it by higher margins. Rixis is also weird as there has to be a change to knock it in line, but In not sure what. Everything else I agree with, Mortem might even need a buff


I haven’t seen these guys be overrated, but I totally agree that the whole “fierce cleansing distraction” thing is a bit of a boogeyman that isn’t really legitimate. Now if the cleaning move itself does a lot of damage, that might be a problem, but currently all these have a tradeoff between damage and cleansing.

Yeah I have no idea either, Tenontorex is fine.

Yeah Thor is fine too.

You hit the nail on the head that Rixis needs more epic counters to for tournaments and early arenas. Some of these could be done via buffs, but I still think a very targeted nerf could open up a lot of counters at once, while still leaving Rixis strong overall. I like that Rixis can hold it’s own in the top level arenas, and it certainly isn’t broken there. It just needs more counters available when you first unlock it, because it seems to dominate the lower arenas.

Oh boy.

Monolometerodon definitely isn’t better than Mrhino, but they don’t really fill the same niche anyway, so it isn’t comparable. I definitely agree that an unboosted Monolometerodon isn’t a major issue. But something about Monolometerodon makes it a fantastic boost target, and that’s it’s lack of weaknesses. An unboosted Monolometerodon doesn’t have any significant defensive weaknesses, but it doesn’t have the offensive power to exploit that either. But a boosted Monolometerodon CAN achieve greater offensive power, but it can’t really be stopped. You can’t slow it down, you can’t bleed it, don’t even think about using Rend, and you can’t even significantly distract it. Any dino gets better with boosts, but because of it’s resistances to basically everything, you can’t stop a boosted Monolometerodon with debuffs, and that’s NOT something thats shared with every dino. I think it just needs to be weaker against cunnings, and distraction specifically (which as a Cunning-Fierce it should be weak against), while leaving its good matchups untouched.

The counters you listed are all valid, but at the same time all of them are harder to make than Monolometerodon. Heck, you can’t even start FIPing Pachycephalosaurus until level 20. And Diplodocus is arguably broken for an Epic with how much damage it does as a resilient. So Monolometerodon will almost always be at an advantage in terms of level. Since Monolometerodon is unlocked so early, it honestly needs more epic counters (or at least it’s epic counters need to counter it harder).

Turn 3 is definitely Monos biggest current weakness. The thing is, Mono is more durable compared to Magna. It usually is able to finish off its opponents in 2 turns, and if not a strike on turn 3 is usually enough to do the job, especially with boosts. Magnas turn 3 is better, but Mono is the one that’s more likely to actually live to attack on turn 3 in the first place.

All that said, Mono isn’t OP, it just needs to have it’s strengths and weaknesses redistributed. I would rework it’s kit so it isn’t as good against distraction, but at the same time giving it a stronger turn 3.

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Well I think its pretty accurate but also not. Stuff like tenato and thor aren’t broken but benfit and become annoying and hard to counter due the boost system especially tenato cause of it already god like kit and attack. Stuff like Monolometrodon and sacrorixs are mostly just too go for their rarity and or hybridization. And you can’t just say well just buff the rest of the legendaries or epic cause that is soo much more work and some that not really need in the legendary department most are fine borderline awesome. Its just easier to nerf just two creature that are causing problems than just buffing everything else.

Now for mortem and the cleansing chompers the biggest m is they just leave cunnings very open to swap ins or just outright kill them. Allo and acro don’t really do much with this but mortem absolutely can and considering it can do 3,750 damage thats a lot of cunnings who just lose out right and sure dodge exists but for one it rng and two unless it aggressive you most of the time you’ll just be wasting a turn.

The rest I’d say is pretty accurate

Honestly rixs’s damage is honestly not the problem for me many dinosaurs can easily shield, have enough bulk, or amor to survive. The problem is that freaking double stun not allowing you to set up or not allowing for different plays.

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Everything on Monolometrodon is basic accurate its not op but it need to be way weaker to cunning creatures if it already super good against fierce and resilient. Just makes logical sense.

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It’s really the combination of these together that creates issues. Double stuns wouldn’t be as much of a problem with low damage (you would basically be required to chain stuns to do any significant damage, like some of the old ceratopsians), though they would still be annoying to deal with. High damage wouldn’t be a problem without the stalling power of double stuns. One of them has to be weakened a bit, and I personally don’t really care which one.

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No, and why do you have it in your photo.

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becauae i hate it

can’t you see the red x

No you love him

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No i hate it i absolutely despise mono
I just want it nerfed

Why because it beats your team. My have 5000 health 135 speed and 1799 damage.

why do you even put all ur booat into mono
Magna is better

Lol something with these stats and no significant weaknesses to any debuff is exactly why Monolometerodon needs a nerf to give it a weakness.

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I only boosted for raids.