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Most overrated dino?

What in your opinion is the most overrated dino in the game? (can be cenezoic or aquatic or hybrid too)

t rex and velociraptor


If were going by popularity then yeah trex and velociraptor.

And then I think yudon and armormata are overrated for what they are compared to their cost.

Armormata was great when it was first released because there was no herbivores to contend with the top hybrids ferocity, but now with draco released you can get a similar strength dino and save dna. Yudon unfortunately compared with cerazino is not good investment costwise, plus the fact you add indoraptors to the mix it’s even less desirable.

Some would say metriaphodon and segnosuchus are overrated, but I completely would disagree with them considering their diversity and that they can fill in certain roles in the game with they’re OP attack, for instance it’s better to take out a strong carnivore with a metriaphodon than it is with a gorgosuchus, even at an advantage gorgo comes alot shorter on attack than metriaphodon.

Zalmonodon is pretty meh too imo, at least for where I’m at in the game, unless I get it above level 30 it’s pretty much just a legendary tapejalocephalus statwise. And at a cost of 55k, well I’d rather get more metriaphodons tbh…

Again each to their own and different players will find different uses for a certain dino, they’re all pretty good in the right situations.

Tanks are also good in my book but not so desired for other players, for what they are gorgosuchus pteraquetzal and pachygalo are great in my eyes but other players would prefer more balanced creatures.

Bananogmius is also overrated imo, while it’s fun to use in wave events, the games very surface heavy and theres not many strong reefs, so it can pretty much be one shotted by all the surfaces and it’s too OP when put against the weakest class in the game. I love its trade harbour value however. :grin:


I’m going to be pretty broad, but all the Tourney Hybrids.

Honestly they serve no purpose other than being a resource dump for collectors and late-game players (or players who want to play at a late-game level).

Indos are at least worth it because you can easily keep them at L1 and not have them break your roster, and you earn them over time after fusing and unlocking them. OR you can sell them and get 41k DNA per copy.

Meanwhile Tourney Hybrids are bad because:

  • Expensive
  • Time and resource sink (you have to unlock both dino components or grind to get 8 copies, then fuse all of them together of which they have high failure rates, on top of costing 1 whole week to hatch 1 copy.)
  • Too wide of power range (Patchygalo is at ~25,000 ferocity, meanwhile the worst [Glynthorax] is sitting at ~15,000 ferocity, which is a HUGE gap)
  • Long CD times
  • Can easily unbalance your Ceno and Aquatic parks with how few Tourney Hybrids there are in both those parks (AHEM looking at you Dilophoboa…)
  • Can make your PvE matches harder.

Overall they are NOT worth it. I prefer the S-Hybrids to them day-in and day-out.

For a Runner up, the entire Cenozoic park.

  • only had 43 dinos and Hybrids
  • Ludicrously expensive compared to Jurassic.
  • Ridiculously underpowered compared to Aquatic.
  • Has to fight the Jurassic Bias in CoT votes (Aquatic does too, but it has a FAR higher success rate than Cenozoic)
  • Had to have most of the roster of animals rebalanced.
  • Glynthorax.

To put it in perspective, there has been 39 CoTs. Only 3 times have Cenozoics won the vote, 2 of which were a guaranteed Ceno dino because all options were Cenozoic dinos.

Aquatic has at least had 8 CoT vote wins, and only had 3 votes where all options were Aquatic.

Thus the Cenozoic park is severely lagging behind in every way.

If you want me to narrow it down to an individual dino, then Dilophoboa HANDS DOWN.

  • Most pointlessly ludicrously expensive dino in the game.
  • Is a Cenozoic hybrid, see above as to why that’s bad.
  • The ferocity gap between her and Mammotherum (2nd most powerful dino in the Cenozoic park) is nearly 10k. THUS to have a balanced Ceno lineup requires you to keep your Dilophoboa between L20 and L25, while having a Mammotherum at L40.
  • Honestly a lame design.

So while Dilophoboa and Mammotherum are 10k ferocity apart, the best and worst Jurassic Tourney Hybrids are that same 10k apart, meaning there are at least smaller jumps between the ferocities of Jurassic Tourney Dinos.

That’s insane.


Over-rated hard for me to say, they all serve a purpose i guess. Worst bang for your buck though, probably Glythronax, that thing is terrible for how much it costs.

I don’t have a problem with any of the higher end hybrids stats or costs per say (aside from glythronax). I just think that the sHybrids are way OP for how easy it is to get them and that they make the game far less interesting in the mid-mid late stages of the game. You can coast on sHybrids for quite some time. I assume only after you really start getting into the 3rd fusions of the top hybrids do the sHybrids start to be less useful. They are tanks out the gate and if it wasn’t for the diminishing stat increase on them they would stay top of the pack end game creatures. Lvl 10 Monostego is fairly comparable to a lvl 10 Armormata. You can build and army of Monostegos pretty quick, try doing that with Armormata’s and see how it goes at 80k+ dna a pop.


and looking at glyptodons prize its not worth it too so i agree glythronax is not worth it

erliphosaurus is the cheapest tourney carnivore hybrid and it is pretty decent

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Glythornax by far.


I just fail to see how the cenozoic rebalance made any sense at all. Considering that you can do cenozoic x land battles. Glythronax should be a lot stronger imo, at least a boost of 11k health. We now know that the tourney hybrids dont really correlate to the strength of their components so ludia could do whatever they want.

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You mean grypo + corytho be stronger than pachygalo !

I mean, it did. Some dinos were UP, others OP, but overall there was no reason to have rare ceno dinos.

Not in cenozoic-only battles. PvP and boss battles yes, but not PvE.

I think the stats are fine. The cost is only ridiculous because the entire ceno roster has ridiculous costs. Overall it’s biggest weakness is that it’s just another carnivore hybrid in an over-saturated market. Her cost isn’t the issue imo.

Possible, yes, but very unlikely.

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Something certainly needs done here. Either buff or decrease cost. There is no reason to make or evolve glythronax other than a collection completonist stand point.