Most people have apps

It is one thing to enter a competition but to follow hash tag sign up follow and so on i hope you know that most of us has Twitter app facebook app YouTube account Instagram app here is my issue because it is an issue when you hit link for Facebook it does not take you on Facebook app it opens a web page for.facebook and when you sign in it does not sign you out web page goes away now your Facebook is logged in all the time which allows hackers spammers get all info n so on and all these entries are uses less when you already follow so my question is this
People who have followed and liked through their app surely that gets them closer
IF NOT then its not fair and wrong after all lesson was to never open a web page that does not log out and web page disappear out in black web thank you

No offense, but you think Ludia/Jam City are worried about fair? This whole sweepstakes is just marketing to them. They have a lot of money from microtransactions in this game, so they are using a fraction of it to market the game to people who haven’t stopped playing it or people who don’t know better.

Leaving your Facebook account logged in on a web page doesn’t allow hackers/spammers to get all your info. If that was the case, NO ONE would use a web browser when our data is completely unsecure like that. Also, web pages don’t “disappear out in black web” after you close a tab.

Ludia and Universal are just trying to promote the new movie, JWA, and their social media accounts by giving away rewards. They don’t care about being “fair”. They just care about publicity.

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Actually it does you must have missed very big memo esp about the black web that hit the news headlines over last few years i know my stuff

End part is right but top is wrong as opening a separate web link to go on Facebook not the facebook app if people dont close that it stays open leaving hackers to get in fact check it out you see am right why do you think hackers get in black web is full of them

Well i proved a point about legendary dinos and they where fair by giving 2 -3 attempts its called stand up and make a valid fair point more you speak up and say the more they will take it into consideration

black web? what on earth are you talking about?

I’ve (tried to) read a couple of your posts and I honestly with all my being believe you do not know your stuff.

First of all, it’s called “dark web”, and second of all it has no link to your wall of text without any interpunction.

First of all may i totally remind you to BE KIND and respectful i was using my auto type on MY MOBILE you do know what that means also i totally do know my stuff GO AN LOOK UP PHONE SCAMS read everything because you certainly domy know me therefore you have no clue on what i know be mindfull when you miss judged a person behind your screen

You’re probably thinking of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities that appeared in 2018. These vulnerabilities affect Intel x86 microprocessors, some ARM-based microprocessors, and some IBM POWER processors. They allowed malicious websites to steal information from other tabs open in your web browser.

One of the best ways to prevent this issue is to not go to malicious websites. Every website you access should have ‘https’ in the URL. None of those websites will steal your information.

Most (based on my research) companies released firmware updates that were able to reduce the threat of Spectre and Meltdown.

The Safari browser should be safe since it implements site isolation by default (site isolation means each tab is its own process, and tabs are unable to access processes other than their own). Chrome has site isolation, but it needs to be enabled by the user.

If Spectre and Meltdown aren’t what you’re talking about, then you’ll need to get more specific than “PHONE SCAMS”. Without any research, I can tell you for a fact that browser tabs don’t “disappear into the black web” when you close your browser app. That is completely false.

I’ll gladly explain how websites work since I’m an Angular developer, if you want me to.


You not caught up with new hacker scams that can copy a web page via link this is very true because was on tv recently that hackers and scammers are few steps ahead and how quickly and easy it is to copy a ligit web page and send it to millions of people through a link like this competition when it is a link that takes you outwith an app you already got hacker can easily get info stop THINKING that am a cluless woman because i ain’t fact

That bit you say about url http that hacker cant get to your wrong hackers copy and make it their own esp through phones which half of the population uses now thats why there is a push for all firms all companies not to send messages with link added and to look for another way to make people safe go and do research about latest hacking methods phone scammers hackers FFS dont bring me down because i made a valid point and trying to make me feel like dumb person you dont even know me SO DONT JUDGE be nice not everyone is TOTALLY stupid

I’m in IT and have specializations in security and know everything there is to know about phishing and scamming, fake urls, cross site scripting, sql injection, and what you are saying is just completely random. Just because you once saw a site or documentary about hacking doesn’t mean you know how it’s done with jwa.
If you have no background in IT and can’t find the comma on your mobile screen then it’s hard to take your claims as truth.

And no, I do Not have to be nice. I have zero tolerance when it comes to misinformation.


I don’t have a Youtube account. I deleted my twitter account and app a couple years ago and if it wasn’t for needing Facebook for my one accounts, I would delete that account also. It’s all spamming garbage and echo chambers. I can do without social media and being advertised to 24/7.


Not everything on tv is true. Just look at Fox News.


Today on “What even is this topic” episode 54:


Ive done this for months before when using twitter and never had this happen to me. I am very confused to what you are saying since 1. Many people do this with facebook. 2. I’ve been logged in from facebook using this since november.

I dont watch fox news this issue been a rising concern for over decade why do think their is programmes on tv that highlight this you have heard of scam text message from royalmail which btw it was copied and added a link which takes you to a web page hidden in that link is gateway for spammers and hackers to get all info they need this is not fake its real and people have been conned out of their money i dont work in it but i sure as hell up to date about spammers and hackers i am only sharing which is what you meant to do to make people aware

Whats confusing about spammers and hackers look it up do research and as for Facebook the link i already said does not take you on your facebook app it take you on to web page with facebook and you be logged in take it you not noticed your Facebook friends saying dont answer to the message as they been hacked why because at some point they logged in through a facebook page on web nothing confusing about that look i know what i am talking about i am basically making people aware i watched programme recently highlighted on how a scammer can get your info if you cant understand that then dont br8ng a person down because they habe bit of common sense and knowledge thanks

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