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Most powerful epic creatures

Ok, for me,look below:
Resillients: Diplodocus,brontolasmus,stiggy,brachiosaurus,
Fierce:T-Rex , allo gen2, spino gen2, Megistotherium
Cunning:procerathomimus, blue,erlikosaurus, compsognathus, Smilodon

What do you think?


Entelechops is quite good.


Not mentioned:

rixis, whino, titanoboa, scuto, ankydo

indomg2, acro, bary, seco, edaph

velosrhacos, gamma, compies, dodos

thyla, majundaboa,purrut


Sarcorixis hasn’t been mentioned yet. It got a small nerf recently but I don’t think it was big enough to really drop it down much.


What about Acrocanto. Good bulk and good damage.

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Allo g2, entelochops, titanoboa, arcocantho, thyla, ankylodicurus, shracos, gamma, rixis, compy and rhino are my top picks.

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What about Brontolasmus? Good DMG Output with 30% Armor

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its still OP even after its nerf just like monolometrodon. I face monolometrodon in aviary most of the times

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resilients: diplodocus, brontolasmus, sarcorixis, carbonemys, brachiosaurus, sonorasaurus, titanoboa, wooly rhino, ankylodicurus, scuto, majundoboa
fierce: megisthorium, t rex, allo gen 2, spino gen 2, entelochops, thylacotator, indominus rex gen 2, secodontosaurus, edaphosaurus, purutaurus
cunning: procerathomimus, blue, erlikosaurus, smilodon, velosrachos, erlikogama

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I’d also toss Dodo into the mix. The immune to slow makes it a force to be reckoned with

Velosrhacos, back to back rampage and cautious strike, also easy to get hybrid parents if you’re in the local zone.

in my opinion its:
Res:Brachi,Yellow Mustache(brolasmus).
Fierce:Allo gen 2,Megisto,Acro,Bary

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The new Gold compie is hands down the best epic in the game. It’s teir should is apex as far as i’m concerned. I really hope it doesn’t get a nerf as nobody else has noticed it yet xD

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I wouldn’t say sonorasaurus. It’s more like Pelta that’s better.

Lasmus, Chops, Dippy, Whino, IndoRex g2, Rixis, Tator cat.