Most recent boost cheat

Maybe I’m spending too much time here today, but I’ve seen a few people mention that the last boost cheat (unlimited sales) has not been rolled back yet.

Is that true?

Conflicting reports. There is an email in circulation that an account got rolled back. Not sure if all involved were though

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Everybody should get a reset or nobody should get a reset. Resets are extremely useful and people shouldn’t be rewarded for exploiting.


Oh, many have expressed their, uh, ‘great displeasure’ at the cheaters getting rewarded for cheating.


I would love to do a reset, but since I didnt exploit the last store sale, I was not given the option to.

I’m pretty sure that only the people that were involved in the store exploit were allowed to re-allocate this last time.

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It would be great to get a reset , as I have at least four boosted dinos that I’ll never use and I could really do with using the boosts I put on them onto my roster team .
But as I didn’t cheat , I won’t have that luxury .
Who said honesty is the best policy ?


From what Ive heard it has been done, they refunded them with hc.

they are Dittos and hard to find…but if you are lucky enough you will meet their super-speed-boosted animals

@Cl_L pretty sure theyve been dealt with and boosts were recalled and hard cash refunded. Technically everyone has had access to the same amount of boosts (including that first sale post recall) Whatever monster youre facing, that person invested heavily on a couple of dinos instead of balancing out their whole team… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

@GorillaGlue @Schtemty as it has been suggested in another thread, I really wish we had the option of some type of reset whenever, that would definitely keep the arena interesting and fresh with different monsters roaming around :joy:


Actually, if you hadn’t bought the ones in the store the day they took them down then you are 25 damage and 25 health behind those that did - including the cheats.

@Tuco yes, I know, I included that fact in there :slight_smile: everybody had access to those when they were on sale, whether they bought it or not, that’s something I can’t help them with :sweat_smile:

And there are no boosts from the cheats currently in game, they have been recalled. (As far as I know and from what players have mentioned.)

I’ve seen 0 reports of the last exploit being fixed. There was a post of an email someone got that said ludia was going to rollback their boost. But when they posted here the rollback had not happened yet. I still face people who I think exploted but theres no way to tell for sure. Since ludia has been quiet about it I would say theres a 99% chance the rollback hasn’t happened yet.

i dont know if i have a misunderstanding about all this or what but i got my boosts reset which i felt was unfair as i didn’t do anything to “cheat” or “hack” or “exploit”. i dont even know what exploit is. but i definitely do not cheat nor do i hack and i dont care to learn about any of those things for personal gaming gain.
Let me just say in my defense that from what i understand there was some technical error or bug in the game which made it possible for ppl to continue to buy the stat boosts. I was told that i had bought too many because of this error so they creditted me the fair amount of boosts that i should have had up to my limit and for the overage due to the error i received equivalent in-game :dollar:. And if this is what everybody is talking about then this was no cheat or hack or exploit. (or maybe it was exploit, still havent googled the definition) it was as simple as buying them from the in-game store at the bottom of the page. $500 for 25 stat boosts.
Just like everybody else. After so many were purchased i remember that i wasnt allowed to buy anymore SPEED boosts, but i could still buy the ATTACK & HEALTH boost, which i found strange but it all was still so brand new, how would i know the difference? Just like i was able to continue buying the stat boosts a little bit longer than other ppl were apparently… But how would i know that other ppl werent able to continue buying them as well? i play MY game and i dont know what other ppl have or can or cant do or what they are able to buy or cant buy… I just assume its the same for everybody. But apparently the error allowed for more than the fair share of distribution. And at 1st i was pissed bc i lost all the stat boosts i was saving up from the stat boost strike battles and the daily battle incubators. and i didnt understand why or how this happened to me but it definitely was more of a loss to me on the 2nd reset than it was on the 1st reset. Both resets i suffered a significant stat boost loss.
I still have no idea if they counted the number of boosts i received from the daily defense battle incubators and the stat strike battles and still gave me credit for those or not. But it doesnt even really matter to me anymore. Even on a cloudy day, i keep my eyes fixed on the sun.
Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion.

oh btw the 2nd reset happened within a few days after the 1st one.

Nobody thinks you are a cheater bro. This was Ludias mishap and they did admit that.

Sorry to hear that you might be missing some tho, that sux. Have you reached out to the support team with your account name and support key? They may be able to help you.

Look on the bright side, at least you got to redo your boosts when most players didn’t. :wink:

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dude i love that name for so many reasons :wink:.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. i am still pretty new to this side of gaming (forums, etc.).
Thanks for the update. Are you sure that everybody knows that though?
I dont just after reading some of the posts that different ppl have wrote and even the topic of this thread is:
“Most recent boost CHEAT”.
Which just seems kind of condemning with that criminal-esque label…
u feel me?


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I’ve read on MetaHub discord at least one admin, who discovered (and experimented with) the exploit and reported it to Ludia before it was made public, has had their boosts rolled back.

Are they getting a full reset or just the purchases adjusted cause it was 0.01% of player base… how would they purchase back their allowed amount of boosts?
-Would make sense to to adjust each account individually for amount purchases done over the allowed amount that day it happened.

Wouldn’t be an issue if everyone else could still keep purchasing weekly or what the original plan was on 1.7 Perhaps correcting the issue so it doesn’t happen again is the priority.

Totally understand your point of view mate, you weren’t to know what was supposed to happened and what wasn’t.

As far as I’m concerned there is a big difference to unknowingly using a bug/exploit, and actually deliberately taking advantage of one for personal gain or an unfair advantage.

Motives mean a lot.

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