Most Underrated Creatures


In your guys’ battle experience, what creatures do you think are way underrated?
Personally I don’t think Postosuchus gets its share of spotlight. Postosuchus with its ferocious impact does ludicrous damage, most the time it’s a OHK.


Personally I have never even encountered a postosuchus, if they are so uncommon maybe that’s why it doesn’t see the spotlight…

I’m gonna go for tarbosaurus. She was my favorite team member until I got the Rex. Admittedly, the Rex is better and tarbo had to lose the job, but her 40% crit is amazingly high and makes up por the lesser damage compared to allosaurus.


In the mid arenas i used the lythronax for a long while; the anky gen 2 is very similar.

The lythro has counter-attack and shield; it worked like a charm! Unfortunately in higher arenas it doesn’t anymore due to dino variety.

Anky gen 2 exactly the same but with the invulnerabilith strike it actually does pretty decent DMG. Its standard damage is already pretty good.

Both are very decent picks in low and mid arena. Would love to see more shield and counter-attack action if they weren’t so hard to find (their better counterparts).


I loved Postosuchus. Had her on my team for quite awhile, and she’s a great fighter. Unfortunately I had to eventually switch her out, because I can’t get DNA to level her up. She doesn’t show up in the wild here, and I only got her in incubators enough to get her to level 9, which is not competitive enough to keep her on my team. :confused: