Most unused DNA?

I have plenty in the 20K+ bracket but which are your highest?

1st 47,039 Irritator Gen 2 (L14)
2nd 37,748 Hatzegopteryx (L14 - I just like darting it)
3rd 31,677 Stygimoloch Gen 2 (L17 - why!?!)

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  1. Velociraptor 20lvl 91,536 dna
  2. Allosaurus 15lvl 55,123 dna
  3. Tanycolagreus 11lvl 47,259 dna
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These are my most stockpiling ones (even if for ankylo I’m just waiting to see if alankylosaurus is getting a unique) :

I got plenty at 40-60k range and I try to have all at 20k mini. You never know when you need one :joy:

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Wow - that’s a lot of Velo - I expect a number of people on here would give their right arm for that …

I don’t have as much as you guys but here are mine

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Will propably get to over 300k before I even need it cause I want to create every dino and now all my rex dna goes for trykosaurus so there really isn’t any need for raptor dna right now

The cap is 200k…

Oh - didn’t realise there was a cap - handy to know! :+1:

Only show 80 thousands here

L13 Irritator Jr 64,213 and I’ve used a lot. There are others, but that is the highest. I almost created this same post last night :smile:

Okey, didn’t know about cap

Damn and I thought my 53734 irritator gen 2 was a lot.

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No1: Tany (46989 )… 47 K
No2: Irritator Gen 2 (32K)
No3: Ophiacidon (26K)

lvl 24 v-raptor