Most useless thing ever

Swap in stun is the most bleeding useless thing ever.

Sure, you stun your opponent… but they always… ALWAYS… still get to attack the next move.

What’s the point of it?

I don’t know. I guess it’s for impact and run.

DoT + SI Stun combo


For a second I though you were talking about living in L3 like me. Sorry, just bitter. Swap in stun is garbage.

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those of us without any damage/time dinos…it’s useless

Well, literally the point of it is to be able to swap into another dino without taking a hit. Can be useful

You swap into a slower dino, prevent their retaliation hit and smack them first.

It’s good when your swap in stun creature is faster than your opponent creature. Patchy is on the faster side and is a good swap in… when it works.

me: Shredder uses more impressive impact

opponent: switch to Dracoceratops … for SMILOCEPHALOSAURUS !!!

monostegotops is stunned and I’m super furious … although Alankylosaurus gave me the victory by pecking Dracoceratops to death

The skill is quite useful, as long as it works, it allows you to put Pachy or the kitten with scabies on the field, so you can save an important dinosaur without taking damage, any negative effects or that your opponent manages to empower his dinosaur in that moment.

You guys are responding to a necro thread thats older then the dsr swap in dg2… 10 months later…