Most wanted DNA


So, what DNA do you need most? Hopefully Ludia is paying attention.

What I need most so far:

Erlikosaurus (Gen 1)
Dimetrodon (Gen 1)

In case of the Dimetrodon I think it’s a pity that it’s not spawning global anymore.

Weekly Showcase wishes

I’m desperate for epic Spinosaurus DNA only need 10 to create it but not seen it in wild for weeks


It used to spawn in my village, but since the update it migrated to a different location. Look for Iguanodon and Diplocaulus (common). That’s where it should spawn now.


Rajassaurus for sure i need something like 40dna to put him at lvl12😅


I’d like to actually see the Gallimimus. It’s “common” but I’ve only ever gotten it in battle incubators.


I need Epic Erli! Still haven’t found one after 2 months. The empty card is seriously messing with my OCD.


0 DNA of a dinosaur? (mid-level/advanced players)

Erlikosaurus Epic ist tricky indeed…





I love when you use “ist”. You 109% have a Hanz & Franz accent in my mind. Sorry. :rofl:


That was supposed to be a link. Apparently that didn’t Work.


Autocorrect darn it. But yeah, I’m a Kraut/Jerry ^^


That’s my people. I’m 4th generation US but very German.


A ton of Trex
A ton of Erlikosaurus gen1
And a ton of Tuojangosaurus


Oh and monolophosaurus (the epic one)


That is what I need at the moment but I freaked out because I opened my map like 10 minutes ago and there she was! I got enough to do one fusion to get my Monostegatops and needed 30! I closed my eyes and hit the fusion button figuring I would get the usual 10 and opened my eyes to the big green bar of success!

Now I need more to level her up! I hope she is in a park this weekend!


Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ankylosaurus Gen 2


I’ve chosen to focus on my battle team, so:
. T-Rex. It’s still at its initial level, even though I’ve had it for quite a few weeks now. One spawned for me today, but it was so far away that I would have needed to use 4G/LTE, and that gets expensive in terms of a phone bill, which, ATM, I don’t pay for myself.

. Monolophosaurus (the Epic one) I just unlocked this a week or so ago, so like my T-Rex, it’s still at Lv. 11.

. Nundasuchus & Einiosaurus. I have the Einiasuchus (and the super hybrid made from it), and since the update(s), I’ve seen hardly any of either one, which leads me to…

. Sarcorixis. I have a lot of extra Sarcosuchus DNA, and it still spawns for me, so I’m good there, but for the reason above, I’m very lacking in extra Einiasuchus DNA (I used most of the extra I had to unlock this creature.).

. Utahraptor & Charlie. ATM, I’m using the former, but since the latter has the exact same move set, I’m going to switch the two. Thing is, my Utahraptor is already Lv. 11, and Charlie, who I’ve unlocked, is only Lv. 8.

. Giraffatitan. I unlocked this recently via a 12-hour incubator, but was only able to evolve it to Lv. 8.

. Diplocaulus. The other Amphibian I have on my team is the Diplotator, at Lv. 7. I’ve got 1100+ extra Gen 2 Irritator DNA, but not a lot of Diplocaulus DNA, because again, I hardly ever see it since the update(s).

And, just because it’s so galling to be, as the saying goes, “so close yet so far away” from unlocking them, Delta (I’m TWO strands away :expressionless:.) and the Gen 2 Spinosaurus (I’m seven strands short in this case).


Basically I’d be happy with anything that’s not Gen 2…… Anything at all… I actually need a lot of common DNA for dino’s that appear to not actually be common at all…

Gen 2 DNA should not be in incubators…


That one you can get today in parks :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely need more DNA :