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Mostly Bots in PVP?


Been trying to play some PvP, but they are weird. Coming up against dinos I never have before, commons leveled to 23 and 24 - Trex Gen 2, Erlik Gen 2, etc with lots of swapping between them. Honestly I am getting my fanny handed to me match after match sometimes. I don’t think they are real though. Their evasive is working 100%, mine pretty much never. When I look at recent opponents almost none of them show up. is this the way PvP is done in 1.7? it’s fine, just makes me care that much less about JWA and will put it even less effort.Maybe it is a way to compensate for matches timing out so much?


Yeah pretty much fighting bots myself. You can tell when you can’t find the opponent in your recent fight list.

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Thanks @Janek. Was guessing they might be doing it because the matching system doesn’t seem to be working the way they planned.