Mother of all bots

Never faced a bot like this

started with Pyrritator and I took him out fast
Next was Gigaspikasaur. Damaged him, he swapped to Stegodeus.
Damage Stego with 1 hit he swaps back to Giga. Giga is full health.
Damage Giga with 1 hit he swaps back to Stego. Stego full health.
This happens for a total of about 10 times when he finally swaps to Indominous.
Same thing, damage Indom, swap, full health.
Had to do this a grand total of at least 20 times before the damage “stuck” and I was able to beat him.

What is going on?

This is really something. My record is 4 times.

Sounds like you really stuck with it though.

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lol had no choice. needed that incubator

Bots? You mean in a Strike Tower?

I had one switch out 4 different indoms, they kept swapping in and cloaking. This was after I had defeated two of his reg dinos. Luckily I had in Super Chicken (Mono) and kept nullifying and detracting till most of them were out of juice.

no this was just normal battle

How do you battle bots? The only way I know of is in strike towers. Other than that it’s just other players…

Your matched up against bots anytime there isnt a player within trophy range during match making… after the match if you dont see them on the recent opponents list… it was a bot. People in the upper tier arenas end up fighting more bots then real players.

That’s what they say but there’s no way this game doesn’t have enough players in the 3000-4500 range. The devs have added them for a reason, but I haven’t heard a decent explanation yet. Hope the people who data-mine the updates dig into this further when 1.5 comes out.

There to speed up ques… this game has pretty small usebase by mobile standards… not unhealthy small but its not a huge playerbase… its only had 5 million downloads i doubt that it has 1 mil active users… like outside of the people i talk to on the forums/discord… i dont know anyone that plays this game other then my kids… everybody i recommend it too play it for like a day then go back to pogo…

I recently made a topic that got moved, but it started that bots are run by very rarely, but they are still there in the game

That’s disconcerting. I suspected something along those lines. Would have guessed a game like this would have a bigger player base. What bothers me isn’t the glitchy bits we hear about but the unknown number of bots faced that worked properly. I’d rather wait for a real PvP opponent given the choice.

Ive heard of people in lockwood waiting 15+ minutes to find matches at times…