Motivating people who already completed Apexes to continue raiding

I was wondering what it would take to motivate players to continue raiding an apex creature they already leveled to 30. I was thinking Ludia should add a coin reward on top of the other dna they offer for raids. It might help people continue to raid bosses they do not need dna from anymore. Other suggestions? Maybe FIT rewards as well?


I like this. Especially the FIP part

I mean it’s still nice to help out people who need help but maybe a way to exchange apex DNA for something: that way players will continue to help with raids so they can get DNA or hybrids or event exclusives or maybe even trade the apex DNA to other players

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The best reward is not having to do them anymore.


Apex hybrids :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:joy::joy::joy: also true

Since I haven’t made all the Apexes myself yet, it would be really nice if there was some rewards to keep players who already made them raiding. That said, I currently can’t disagree with @W1ckety . It would have to be a pretty substantial reward to change this.


I’d love coins or some additional reward. I’m done with gorgo lux morty and cera and now just helping alliance members and toward weekly goals.

I’m just starting. I didn’t know I could actually do them with my accounts till I decided to seriously try on one and beat it. Now I’m trying to do them all. I can beat 6 out of 7 and just have to find a way to beat Mortem. It took 6 or 7 tries just to beat Gorgo for the 1st time today.

I have all the creatures but the Apex’s but if, and that’s a big IF, I am able to do these every week, I may be able to unlock these the end of January into February but I doubt it because of winter and snow.

Tell them that Ludia is unpredictable, and there may be Apex Hybrids in the future…

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lol true. I wouldn’t mind extra perk though - especially if you finish leveling and still raid past level 30

I enjoy raids - but I do less and less after the whole issue with mortem’s changed moves, and with the ridiculous rng heavy raids like rinch and Andrew. I also do not appreciate how much time I spend inviting, friending, unfriends, and working through the MAJOR bugs associated with raids. They are many and effect the gameplay so badly.