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Mountain Top Co-op

Is your alliance ready to join a co-op with level 20 sanctuaries but you’re not sure how they work? The Mountain Top Sanctuary Co-Op is the place to be!

We will train you and your alliance in the basic, yet most efficient ways to level up quickly.

We invite all alliances to join us, experienced or not. All you need is access to discord and 1 or 2 members that are willing to be placers for your alliance. You will work with experienced sanctuary builders to get maximum DNA for your alliance members!

Join our Discord!

I have to check with my alliance leader, but you don’t have activity or member restrictions? I have an alliance where many members are 2 days absent and do not communicate via Discord.

Discord is preferred but if your members can communicate in game chat they should be fine. The dedicated “placers” need to be on discord though so we can coordinate between alliances.

Awesome! I’ll let you know!