Movable boosts

Ludia keeps on doing Nerfs and Buffs because of all the constantly complaining players so in all fairness, boosts should be 100% refundable !!! Its ridiculous and unreasonable for players to spend their boosts based on the game state then suddenly Ludia changes it all so the players investment is basically watered down if not totally wasted. Sure, do all these Nerfs and Buffs but make the boosts refundable or MOVABLE TO OTHER DINOS.


The nerfs and/or buffs are inevitable.

However, yes, I would love a 100% refund.

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This idea is slowly gaining traction, but imo would take a few more patches before it becomes a mainstay in the game.

Refundable may be a “bad word” to Ludia, so note that I suggested “movable” to other dinos … maybe that is more palatable to Ludia.