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Move Bosses Throughout the Day

As cold is coming and winter will be here in the northern hemisphere, can you please have the bosses change their random places every 3 or 6 hours?

I don’t have the most active alliance or high enough players to do them when they are in range but I have enough accounts, high enough to do most.


Preach it!!

I have had a mass exodus of bosses recently. All at least 500m away

They do actually rotate, after strike towers reset.
I’d actually prefer to have it so that if you can see a boss and click on it, then you can fight it.
Simple quality of life thing in these covid19 days.


Apparently Covid-19 had become a non issue in Canada. Here in the Netherlands measures were re-taken due to a second outbreak. But hey, if it’s not happening in Canada it’s not happening at all right?

Yeah, I know the Netherlands has tightened up again, as had to cancel a trip.
The Uk is currently starting to show signs of a 2nd wave and local lockdowns are starting to happen again.

Even with VIP most bosses spawn just outside my drone radius which is frustrating. Having them walk an extra wide circle might be a better way?

They do change position. I will agree with doing it more frequently, but I know for a fact they change. Earlier in the day if it’s down the street by three blocks, later that night it’s in my living room or across the street, but in range. So it is fair.

I had sino one half and grypo the other.