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Move changes for creatures

Bring ur ideas of what creatures should get kit reworks or which moves need nerfs for buffs or new moves that should be added leave ur ideas below.

I’m going to put what most people think needs a nerf, Cautious Strike. It probably should keep the dodge and speed up abilities or at least two of its components. Being able to speed up, lower the opponents attack, have a dodge chance and cleanse all in one move is pretty crazy.


True I would just get rid or cleanse like u said keep the distraction but make the dodge only 50% so you don’t just dodge till the morning


Another change I think would be cool would to give trago Superiority vulnerability since it makes since both of her parents have those traits and it would help with the low attack and hp


Keep everything the same except for getting rid of the cleansing aspect? Thats pretty much my opinion on it too

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i think i would want cautios strike to be a 100% RNG move, where there’s a cance you’ll either dodge and speed up, dodge and distract, cleanse and dodge, cleanse and distract, distract and speed up or cleanse and speed up… or a chance to either just dodge, just cleanse, just speed up, or just distract