Move data

I have a account in my old phone, and now i have a new phone. I want to move my account but i log in as guest. Can i moved it? I have connected my account with my facebook but it reset all my game. Can someone help me ?

Hey Nathaniel_Hartono, our support team would be happy to assist you with this if you contacted them here at with the support key from your old game. Usually, if you link your old game account to Facebook, you should be able to get back on to it from the new device by connecting to the same Facebook account. However, if your data was reset, our team will have to take a closer look for you.

Thankyou… i’ve reply… but no answer. I hope you all reply immediately.

It will take a few days to reply unless you mark email urgent they then reply quick… That’s what I do

Hey Nathaniel_Hartono, I’m sorry to hear that our team has not gotten back to you yet. Our team has been receiving an influx of tickets lately but they’ll will try their best to respond to you soon. However, please avoid replying to the same ticket you’ve sent in before our team gets a chance to reply because it could reset your current position in their queue.

Yes. They have contacted me 1 hour ago. I’ll be patient😊Thanks for your reply!

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