Move Discussion No.1: Acute Stun


What does this move do: Target Highest Damge: 100% chance to Stun for 1 turn. Cooldown:2

Creatures that have it: Ceramagnus, Dracoceratops, Dracoceratosaurus

So what are your thoughts on this move?

Personally I think it’s a rather balanced nice in PVP but completely trash in Raids as many raid bosses have stun resistance and thus thing deals no damage. In PVP it’s basically a stalling move

I agree that its good in PvP, but I do think it should target something else, because the only boss thats not going to be affected by it is Hadros due to Gorgo being part of its raid minion group. If it targeted Fastest, Lowest Health, or just All Opponents, it would be better.


all opponents targeting could be really useful and seems like it would be a nice touch

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