Move Discussion No.2: Adrenaline Pulse


What does this move do: Priority.Target Self: Cleanse all negative effects. Heal 1x. Cooldown:3

Creatures that have it: Postosuchus
So what are your thoughts on this move? Personally I think it is the worst healing move in game as it is basically Heal but only heals 1x. It should increase the damage to 50% to reference good ol’ Adrenaline Surge.


I think its cooldown should be toned down to 2 turns. And yeah, increase attack by 50% would be nice

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Change the name to “Instant Lesser Heal” for consistency with (most of) the other healing moves, and you’re golden! Basically the current Adrenaline Pulse but it actually cleanses :sweat_smile:


Id say make it a team buff if its called pulse, give a 25% dmg boost for 2 turns and heal for 1.5x for all teamates