Move Dracorex2 to the parks

I’ve noticed that so many people with high level DCs share one thing in common - they live in Area 2. This results in unbalanced teams with Lv 29 DCs compared to Lv 24-25 for everything else. Not to mention those of us who have no nearby Area 2.

If we really must keep DC’s swap-in move, can we at least move Draco2 to the parks? Both Tarbo and Velociraptor are both common global spawns, and they’re capable of getting some of the best dinos in the game. Draco2 is capable of a monstrosity, yet certain players have a huge advantage.

Yeah, I guess you can say that about most local spawns, but really - what other nightmare fuel hybrid can be created using a common found only in one zone, plus another common that’s handed out like candy thanks to alliance missions?


I don’t even live area 2 and I got 14k in a week hardly trying. Imagine if I did live there I could probably pull 20k a week. It just needs a hard nerf.

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Lucky, the only area 2 that’s near me is in a tiny village with terrible parking and congestion. I barely ever get any because it’s not the type of place you can really walk around.

But I do agree. It does need that nerf.


I don’t use it lol it just sits there piling up. I don’t even donate it anymore as that helps spread the disease.


25% of ppl live in area 2 but 90% is using it. And the other 10% doesn’t want to use it.
It’s out there plenty for everyone. Moving it to a park does nothing because everyone has parks nearby. Just like 64 I barely donate it because my alliance should use proper dinos instead. It’s almost never requested though. It’s gonna die out one day I reckon.