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Move first?

How does speed works when you figth the same dino with same level??? I never move first, i don’t know.

Whoever presses the button fastest.

It goes in this order:

If same speed, higher lvl goes first
If same level, the most rare dino goes first
If same rarity, the quickest who click on the skill goes first

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I always hit second no matter how hard I try. Is there any trick?

Move closer to ludia? Ensure you have a fast phone and fast connection. Its a dumb system that many of us wish they would change.


I ALWAYS go first, it’s unfair. It should be decided by RNG

When i play battles i hardly ever get to go first. Then i dont get many hits in the other person always hits me 2 or 3 times before i can go. Anyone know why this is ?

Speed priority goes like this:
1 Speed
2 If same speed, higher lvl goes first
3 If same level, the most rare dino goes first
4 If same rarity, the quickest who click on the skill goes first
@Pepito_Aie wrote this just a scroll away :slight_smile:


Oh I see so you have to be faster and have higher level. I get it now thank you very much. Lora

No please no. Since RNG hates me very much, these ties are often my onl chance to win some battles with fast clicking. Doesn‘t work always, but often enough…fe against same lvl Tragos with Tryo.

I would aggree that these ties shouldn‘t be determined by who clicks faster but let it me decided by RNG means I‘ll lose only more battles. :confused:

lol i know, a lot of ppl will complain about this, but something needs to be done. the current method its just bad. if its not rng, then how else could it be solved?

Thank you for the info hun

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The problem with this is that tested has given some strong evidence that its often the person living closest to ludia that gets the win.

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I like racing myself in friendly battles and see what is faster, my phone or my Ipad.

What’s RNG ?

Random number generator. It’s what decides the crits, the dinos you get in the match out of your initial 8, the evasives and cloacks, etc.
Get used to seeing ppl complaining about it, and other are in favor. It’s the most discussed subject in the forum

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From my experience internet UPLOAD speed matters when you get to number 4.

If playing friendly battles where you often come out same Dino, same level, and on my home WiFi (where the download speed is 9-10mb, but upload is less that 1mb :scream: I know I know that’s rural life for you) then I always go second no matter how fast I press that button… elsewhere with better upload speed it’s fine.

The other people I play friendlies with from my alliance say their internet upload speed is faster, and they are waiting 3-4 seconds before it looks like I have selected my choice.

yeah, its really unfair, why should you always go second? i think, ludia, when deciding what to do, the ran out of ideas, and came up with this solution. but its a short term solution, cause there will be always ppl who go first and the ones who go second. they have to come up with somthing better imo

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With the fastest click method you can be really fast on the buttons, but since the processor speed of your phone, your data connection speed and also your service provider all affect how quickly the server receives your response you may find getting there first can be a challenge if not nearly impossible. On my old phone I could hardly ever win the button race.