Move ideas to buff tanks again!

Here are some nice ideas I wanted to suggest

Diamond Hide - two turn buff that counters armor piercing and armor/defense shattering by creating a temporarily “diamond hide” meaning shattering rampage or armor piercing attacks are still affected by defense and armor

Instant Diamond Hide - same as above but for one turn instant

Jaw Breakers Defense - an attack that prepares to counter any offensive attacks by bouncing them back like a mirror

Defensive Roar - force a dinosaur to swap out at the cost of 50% attack lowering


Spiked armor: 10% of the damage received is returned to the opponent.

I still think gigaspikasaur spines should work in fights


Lethal Spiked Armor: 50% of the damage is returned

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@Bluesbaby you have quite the imagination lol but I guarantee if any of those were put in the game, a day later you’d be the first to complain about them :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: well maybe not the first, but one of. :rofl:

50% of damage is cruel dude

lethal spikes: priority, reflects 50 - 75% of the damage received, does not block it, the user of this skill becomes vulnerable the next turn, cooldown 3 turns

spiked armor is passive

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Bring Tanks Back!

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Makes tanks great again :joy:

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I would not! I just love the tanks and want to see them valid again like the days of Stegodeus!!

LOVE IT that’s a Fantastic addition

So are the ballistic Thoraldosaurus!