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Move indicator


Don’t know if there’s a glitch in my software or are other people having problems with the move indicator.
The indicator shows it’s my move, but then my opponent moves. Or it says faster and the same thing happens.
Anyone else having this problem?


Everyone else is having this problem.
Many have lost arena matches because of it.

I’ve stated many times, they need to either eliminate it or fix it, and definitely not leave it like it is.


Hey Simon, our team is aware of this, and they’re still looking into it. This seems to only be a display issue, and the speed of the creatures should be working correctly. However, I understand it can be frustrating at times when making decisions in battle, but once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update.


They need to remove the indicator if they can’t get it working right.

I just made another critical error due to this “only a display issue” as you so call it.

Frustrating enough between this, the RNG ± streaks, the continual spamming of DNA requests from other alliances and the downright poor spawns where all I see are the same dinos, I’m taking a break and finding another game.

I’m out, for now.

Good luck with your “just a visual glitch”.
I should probably cancel my VIP before I forget and get charged again. I’ve spent far too much already on this game that could have been great.