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Move On Up to the Big Leagues: Valhalla Is Recruiting

:dragon_face: RIDE OR DIE with VALHALLA :crossed_swords:

Find Your Place in Our Family of Clans

1-2 spots currently available in all 4 clans, so here’s your chance :slight_smile: . Everyone in Valhalla must use all alpha hits, participate in shared Discord server daily, and have great team spirit to go with their abiding love of dragons and Viking warrior instincts.

EVERYONE in Valhalla gets lvl 7+ reward chests with guaranteed 4* dragons and benefits from our strong. lively, and supportive Discord community. When we’re not talking dragon strategy, we’re sharing cute pet and kid pics and trading recipes for what’s for dinner.

Valhalla’s Finest

Valhalla’s flagship clan, with a truly bonkers level of commitment and participation. Finest was the first to take down a 10* alpha — and we’re doing the 9-10 bounce on the regular, with lvl 10 reward chests! Must have not only have a well-developed dragon roster (6500K power minimum guideline, with advanced roster depth), strong game skills, and a consistent high damage record, but also be willing to go above and beyond in all ways.

Valhalla’s Outlaws

Outlaws (6000 power guideline + good roster depth) is Valhalla’s core clan of players, including those trying out for Finest. Outlaws is also on the 9-10 cycle and taking in lvl 10 alpha chests. We expect 100% commitment and participation, but not at the same level as Finest.

Valhalla’s Berserkers

The Berserkers are slightly more casual clan of players working on their teams and skills, expected to have 5000 power minimum guideline + decent roster depth.

Valhalla’s Children

Children is the point of entry for Valhalla’s family, with a lower threshold for admission (4000 power approximate) and level of commitment but still high demand for participation.

Want to get in on the mayhem? Please respond via DM with the following:

• screenshots of full roster (not just main battle team)

• time zone (UTC ± X hrs)

• avg damage you do against what level alpha

• what clan you’re most interested in

…You can also reach me with the same info via Discord: Dot_Gale#6116


It’s an awesome clan!


Best family for sure… I’m glad they took me in!

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One of the best family clans to date. Don’t miss out! :blush:


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