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Move raid bosses off the map please

There’s zero joy for hunting for a raid lobby in JWA. Pure hassle.

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For me the raid coordinating and bugs just takes way too long considering the (possible) rewards. I got all involved and pushed to do many raids at first, but the tedium of organising and lack of communicating has made me give up on them. I only do them when I find them or when I’m invited, and that’s not so much fun. A friendlier update is badly needed. At the moment players are divided into 2 camps. Those that have time to struggle and do the raids and the rest that cannot. Over time these two groups will only grow and the frustration with battling against apexes you cannot access and raid yourself may cause many to disinvest in the game. Making raids friendlier and accessible to more people (and less time consuming - nobody needs 4 rounds!) will be better for the game in the long run. At the moment the raids are sadly incomplete and bitter sweet.

Like bosses on the map. Looks more realictic but true is spawns are unballanced and sometimes hard to find boss you need.
Would be nice to “catch” boss you have nearby and put it to the “alliance cage/room” where anyone can create own raid anytime. Another way is to make a boss scents. It will keep bosses on the map but still be able to lure them anytime.

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Area4. I love your first idea. It would be awesome if we could get a boss on the map and then put it in an alliance boss sanctuary for a certain time.

The raid lobbies still give annoying problems like not being able to see and invite your in game friends. That would be way less annoying if you could simply start a new lobby through the boss-sanctuary.

Also I never understood what the logic is in going out to get a boss from a long distance away and then having to do a raid, standing at the side of the road, for sometimes 4 rounds. Raids are a typical at home activity in JWA if you ask me. If we could put that boss in a boss-sanctuary then we could at least walk home and then start the raid.

Agreed. I know a few people who end up standing at the roadside for easily an hour just to ensure everyone gets a raid lobby. They shouldn’t have to go to such ends.

I can only assume Ludia doesn’t care. This is after all consistent with them gutting geolocation and accessibility.

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Sorry, walking game purists, but I’m not standing outside for minimum 20 minutes tapping on my phone in -10C (14F) temperatures (and this is only early winter; it’s gonna get worse). I expect to walk for spawns and event dinos and the occasional strike tower – but raids, like arena battles, are an at-home activity.


Not sure who you are referring to when you say walking purist. But I agree that raids are an at home activity. That is exactly why I liked the idea of being able to capture a boss in an alliance boss sanctuary like Area4 suggested. You can go out for hunting dna and supply drops and catch a boss if needed. When you get home you can organize your raid for the boss you catched.

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