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Move selection in raids

I’m sure that I am not the only one who has accidentally clicked the wrong move in raids, and when you have no way to fix the mistake, it can cost players lots of extra time redoing the raid. I think that it would be a fairly simple solution for players to be able to change their move as long as there is still someone who has not selected their attack. The moves currently stay at the bottom of your screen until everyone has selected anyways, and being able to select a different move would reduce the amount of mistakes made.

For example…
Say for some reason, this Thor needed to impact instead. If one of the other players has not selected their attack, the Thor player should be able to switch their move by simply clicking the one they want to do instead.
Bad example but you get the idea. Simple fix to an irritating problem from my point of view


I think I’d like this added, always irritating to get so far just for an accidental mess-up. Maybe there could be a little icon that says “Rechoose” or an arrow going in a circle or something like that, and it can maybe be placed above or even replace the “Waiting on Others”