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Move the season reward prizes up one because of the delay


There is a delay in the prizes. [News] Jurassic World Alive | Delay in PvP Season 6 Rewards

Now I know this is because Ludia is assumingly doing a great job weeding out cheaters.
The thing is, there are going to be people who feel, the cheaters stopped them from advancing in some way or another at least one rank. Ludia could work real hard and adjust the prizes individually, but the people who feel they may have been preventing from advancing would steel feel bothered because they don’t know if they lost to cheaters or not.
So the easiest solution is to move everybody up one rank and give them the next available prize.
Example, missed out top 500 but over 5000, you would get the top 500 prize.

For people who are below the 2500 threshold, you could also lower the threshold down 10% to about 2250.
This spreads goodwill and rewards non cheaters and saves customer service a lot of time, in dealing with getting things perfect.

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Theyre adjusting the leaderboard accordingly. If enough people above you get banned ull move into ur respective bracket. That’s the reason for the delay


They moved the alliance missions up 1 rank because they ended early. The tournament didnt end early, so why would they move the rewards up 1 rank? They are making sure the top 500 are all legit players and not cheaters, those are the only people who will get an upgrade. You just want free stuff for the sake of free stuff.


So you are saying they don’t care about cheaters who are not in the Top 500? Do you know something that we don’t?


Let’s just be patient and see if they update us when the rewards come out. Hopefully they have identified something that allows them to create some kind of automation to ban accounts rather than do it manually. Let’s hope a lot of them get banned. Including some from this forum.


Basically, I agree.

If the cheaters were removed earlier, more players would do more battles to keep their ranks.

So, quite reasonable to give one rank up rewards.

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