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Move turns not updating - Will this glitch EVER be fixed?

I’m so sick of this glitch.

Yet again, I’ve lost a battle all because the move cooldown wasn’t lifted. I only needed my rampage move - that was all. I survived 3 attacks from a level 26 DC that kept swapping out. I battled against an Indoraptor at level 25, when mine was 22. I battled with skill on this battle, and I lost because Rampage wouldn’t unlock on the very final turn, forcing me to use the basic move and lose the game.

This is happening more and more now. Whilst I don’t mind losing in general, I do mind losing those 40 trophies when I should have won. Does anyone know of any way to prevent this glitch, or is it strictly down to the game’s coding / server?

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My guess is they don’t even know why it happens.

Which rampage on which dino? I havent seen any bugs like that in awhile but would love to reproduce it

It’s getting worse every time a tournament is going on, and what’s scary is it stays even after the tournament ends. I was fuming every time I was about to win a match but was forced to watch as my critter miserably loses after it uses its primary attack. (it’s the main reason why I’ve posted that topic about the list of bugs, and while Ned probably did send them the thread, I think the devs just laughed and never looked at it again).