Moves i created

Here are some movies i thought of. They are mostly hybrids of current moves.

  1. Savage strike
    Savage impact
    Savage rampage
    Savage = defense shattering + ferocity

  2. Carnage attack
    Carnage impact
    Carnage rampage
    Carnage = definite + dot

  3. Primal attack
    Primal attack = armor piercing rampage + distraction

  4. Intimitation = below + nullifying

  5. Swift strike
    Swift impact
    Swift rampage
    Swift = evasive + speed up

  6. Venomous attack = venomous counters attack version

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What would they do?

  1. Savage moves can break through defense and increases damage and crit
  2. Carnage moves remove defense and cloak and cause damage over time
  3. Primal moves break through armor and cause distraction
  4. Intimitation steals speed and nullifies effects
  5. Fearless charge increases speed, damage, crit and can stun
  6. Swift moves cause damage, create doge and increases speed


Ten 1010

oh no nonono OP

well then whats the point of buffing the opponent if they cant even use it?

these moves might work if only obtained by few legendary or unique creatures


or maybe the worst uniques
coughevery bad unique with bad movesetcough

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Looking at poukan with discretion LOL

Well you’re right this move is definitely a nightmare for all creatures with out stunn resistance i remove it