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Moves like Cooldown and Invincibility


Both moves are somewhat useless as in many cases you just get attacked twice in a row.

Bigger issue is Invincibility not protecting you from things like stun or damage decrease. If the dino can’t hit you, how does it stun you?


I guess u can use invincibility to block powerful attack from dinos…?


Invincibility is only used to block very strong attacks; ferocious boosted attacks, dodge or rampage for example. It has a long CD so use it wisely.

For stunners or DMG reductions you either use immunity or cleanse dinos, for example. It is just a matter of countering effectively; shield does not work well enough vs stun; but it can still soak up damage. You can also swap to remove negative effects; sometimes this is also a valid option.


What does blocking a strong attack matter if you still get the debuff? If something blocks 100% of the damage how is it possible that the effects of the move affect the dinosaur? If the answer is to swap out your dinosaur for one that could erase positive affects our cleanse it self, that’s stupid and the mechanics are horrible. A pokemon uses protect and another uses poison, the effects are negated the same way a physical move is, a forcefield is a forcefield. If Wakada got attacked by some evil sob and kamakazied their forcefield, the building inside wouldnt suddenly fall after recieving no damage. So I ask again how can you still get stunned when blocking all damage?


Okay if you want to use analogies… A guy holding a shield gets smacked in the shield by a big hammer. The blow is blocked by the shield but the shield-wielder is still dazed by the blow. Knocked back, so to speak. Still getting the crowd control debuff but taking no damage


You’re assuming just because you block all damage that you don’t get hit at all. Two different things. If there were an ‘evade’ mechanic, then your logic is alright. But this isnt evasion, it’s blocking. You still get hit when you block


If invincibility granted immunity to debuffs in addition to taking zero damage it might be too OP.


Invincibility is useful when used alongside a dino who has counter. Take Rajakylosaurus for instance. He can counter and has exploit wound. I use exploits wound to make enemy vulnerable and DOT. I can then use invincibility so the enemy attacks me causing 0 damage but I then counter plus he gets DOT. I love this strategy