Moves not getting registered even with good connection

My move is not registering …this is a problem in every match i play…either connection issue or this… Even the game just stucks for more than 30 seconds and i lose next turn

Had similar problems battles are running fine no issues, then I’ll have a battle where I’m out thinking my opponent at every move and going to inevitably win then what a surprise connection issues and I can’t pick any moves they just don’t register and the basic attack is performed, I have quickly restarted once or twice and still won. A few in my alliance have had the issue happen multiple times in a row battling the same opponent every time they face them it happens which makes it very suspicious, been told that there is a way of disrupting the connection to gain the upper hand used in other games if it is true whoever uses it are (add expletive here) and pathetic.


Sometimes there is a pink screen and you are thrown back to the map. If you close the app and launch JWA again then you return to the arena where you most likely are 0-2 already… Somehow it often happens against the same players.

Thats a different issue tbh…

Same again…

Yeah to be honest as aggravating and annoying that it is, I’m not sure anything can be done about it if it is intentional cheating and how could you prove it?

You unfortunately can’t until you run a speed test side by side all the time