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Moves that aren’t in game, or have been taken away

precise strike, precise impact, precise slowing strike, precise piercing strike, long dodge, swap in evasion, swap in prowl. Which creatures do you think deserve these unused abilities? For me, it would be skoolasaurus nullifying counter. Smilodon, swap in prowl. And finally, monstegotops, nullifying counter.


Don’t forget Impairing Strike, Maiming Wound, Expose Weak Spot, and Delayed Rampage.

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Impairing strike? What does that do??

What about minimal Stunning Strike, low wounding Strike, this double hit nice gorgosuchus had, we have tons of unused moves. What about percise Shattering stuff? (Their useless cus of Definite)

I was originally gonna do the moves unused from 1.7 but I guess we could use other moves that have been deleted. And what I meant by taken away, was of how pterovexus has swap in evasion, but Ludia changed it back to swap in wound

Long dodge already exists. It’s called evasive stance.


Ha! Good one!

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Makes the opponent not crit for 3 turns if I recall correctly.

I like most of these ideas, but swap in evasion already exists as well. Swap in dodge is its name.

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Definite Impact was unused until this update in 1.11, where a few creatures got it

Hey you heard of some of these moves:

Exhausting Acid Spit
Earthquake Slam
Confusing Bawl
Double Strike
Intimidating Impact
Go For The Kill

Exhaustion sounds awful…

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Double strike sounds like a rampage, not gonna lie! :grin:
What abilities do your moves have?

These are scrapped moves I found on metahub. Yes, the old one.

Going for the kill is already in game, it’s called rending takedown


You sure? Long Dodge was confirmed after Evasive Stance was already a thing, and it’s different because it lasts for 2 turns, and gives a 100% dodge chance.


No. Swap-in evasion only had a 50% dodge chance. The devs swapped it for SI-wound because players felt that suited Vexus better, and it has been left unused ever since.


I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification!


Don’t forget Adrenaline Surge, originally on…Kapro and one or two others? I think Gorgosuchus might have had it too.


I think there was also a move called velocity strike. Stegoceratops had it in very early stages of JWA. It was something similar to speedup if I remember right


Nullifying Counter
The counter-attacking pterosaurs (Pteranodon, Tupandactylus, Dsungaripterus, Pteraquetzal) should get Nullifying maximal counter attack imo (so it still does 1x damage just also nullifies). Non-damaging nullifying counter definitely needs to be on Skoolasaurus, and maybe Scaphotator too. Ankyntrosaurus could also get Nullify added to it’s 0.5x counter attack.

Precise Strike
Many dinos that have regular strikes could get this, specifically the spino types, just as Spinotahraptor, Spinotasuchus, and both gens of Spinosaurus. And since Blue has precise pounce, it would make sense for the raptor squad to get precise strike as well.

Impairing Strike
This could be useful on Monolometrodon instead of it having defense shattering strike. Tanycolagreus and Quetzorion would also be cool to have this ability, especially when facing erlidom/thor/indoraptor.

Long Dodge
Give it to Monomimus in place of evasive stance, it would finally give it a bit of a buff.

Speedup/Quickening/Velocity Strike
And weren’t there also those speedup/quickening/velocity strike moves? Where it boosted speed by 50% instead of just 10%? Velocity strike would be cool on velociraptor in order to maintain it’s speediness even when slowed (Plus it makes sense with the name). This speedup strike could also be cool on all the raptor squad.
Then it’d be back to the raptor meta perhaps lol.

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