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Moveset of utasinoraptor you got

Hi everyone, just a little topic to know what moves did utasino in rare strike tower?

And another question, do darwinopterus swap in in turn 2 or turn 1 for you if you didnt one shot the first dino.

Those will help to plan better for Sunday epic strike.

  • Critical impact/ instant stun
  • Critical impact/ distracting impact
  • Distracting impact/ instant stun
  • Distracting impact/ critical impact

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  • Turn 1
  • Turn 2
  • Didn’t swap in

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Utasino is using instant stun, not instand destruction.
For me, she startet with crit impact and then used Instant stun. :slight_smile:
The bird came as last one and didn‘t use swap in effect.

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Oh yeah my bad ^^’

Did you one shot the first dino?

Shot? 10 characters

One shot, I’m little tired I think

Ah nope. Didn‘t expect the IC so I used SS with Tenontorex and needed two hits cuz stun failed. :sweat_smile:

No my bad again, when you fought the team with Darwin in it , did you one shot the first dino that came?

Oh god I don‘t remember which one came out first…but if it hasn’t been Utahsino then yes. I oneshotted every other dino.

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