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Movie canon hybrids

There’s 2 hybrids that are shown in Jurassic world that we do not have yet in game. Let’s get these hybrids!

Erliko gen 1 + Amargasaurus

Pachy + (not sure. I think a type of flier because of the beak looking face)


I’m gonna create what I think these hybrids could look like

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I just watched that video and was thinking the same thing lol.

We have so many cool long-clawed bipedal theropod hybrids already though. Erlidominus, Erlikogamma, Erlikospyx and Diloracheirus make 4.
It would still be cool though. How does Amargagamma sound?

Another hybrid that has been confirmed, but isn’t screen-canon is Pteramimus, a Pterosaur hybrid between Pteranodon and Gallimimus. It was a toy that was sold after the first Jurassic World, I think I saw it in a Gamingbeaver video.
It was probably intended for JWTG, but I don’t think it was ever released.

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Malusaurus, an early concept of the Indominus Rex, would be awesome to add to the game as well.

If it were to ever get added to the game, I’d imagine it being made of something like Spinosaurus, Velociraptor and Monolophosaurus.
Klayton Fioriti made a video all about this crazy looking concept.

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I watch all of Klaytons videos. Love em

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No one knows Jurassic better than Klayton.