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Movie Characters


I’ve thought for a while that it would be really cool to encounter human characters from the movie franchise during your travels. Much like you run into a strike tower or a supply drop, only more rare. Say you find Dr. Ian Malcolm on your map, and when you get close enough, he gives you a boost based on that character, such as increased chance to attract T-rex. Maybe Dr. Grant gives you an increased spawn rate on Raptors for 24 hours. John Hammond could increase your coins limit for 24 hours, things like that. I think it would be really cool and would add a lot to the game!

Human Characters

this sounds awesome!


I’d love to have the actual characters give you missions in the game as well. Add a small role-play element if you will.


Because we don’t get enough of Owen already :joy:

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Dennys Nedry pops up on-screen

AH-AH-AH! AH-AH-AH! You didn’t say the magic word! AH-AH-AH!


That would be great! Love the idea!


Amanda Kirby would definitely attract all the Spinos


Haha i was at a meeting when I read this and everyone must have wondered why I let out a brief chuckle during the boring meeting…reading this comment is the answer




Also, this:



What a movie… :joy:


Dr. Wu increases you Fusion results.

Unfortunately with Alan Grant, he may help you find and identify more dinosaurs, but because he can’t touch anything technology related without it messing up, your drone will occasionally go haywire. :grin:

Masrani will cause an influx of flying creatures.

Muldoon will increase your shot accuracy for a bit (via a larger target).

Me. Arnold will reboot your mobile device for you when things aren’t working right while screaming profanities at an absent Nedry (which btw is an anagram of nerdy). :grin:


Lex would attract Brachiosaurs,

Claire would increase the amount of dollars you earn,

Roland would increase your dart capacity.


Just please, PLEASE, no more “SLOW DOWN!” screens, 'k? I get them every couple of hundred feet when riding in a car, when the GPS signal is interrupted, when I turn the phone off & move and then turn it back on, when… you get the idea… LOL

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Alan Grant is on the map, but you can’t see him because he doesn’t move.

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Unless he’s wearing enough flare.