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Movies favorite dinos

I am a big fan of the movies and like the dinos that play a part in it. Here are my thoughts about these dinos in JWA, what do you guys think?


Rarity: Common
Metahub Tier: Survivor
Health: 1650
Damage: 1550
Speed: 132
Defense: 0%
Critical chance: 5%


The Velociraptor is the fastest dino in the game, which is awesome. Also has a good damage, but since the last update his health is garbage. It is way to easy to beat and can be one-shotted by almost everything.

The next dino in line with the least health is Charlie with 2100. Thats a difference of 450 health. My suggestion to improve Velociraptor is increase its health to 2300/2400. What would you change about this dino?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Rarity: Epic
Metahub Tier: High Alpha
Health: 4350
Damage: 1900
Speed: 102
Defense: 0%
Critical chance: 30%

Defense Shattering Strike
Defense Shattering Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage

Rex has the most damage of them all, but besides Apatosaurus, is also the slowest dino. Despite his damage he is one of the worst tank busters, even his Rare Gen 2 can beat him because of a higher speed. Also his health could be better.

Rex compared with similar dinos:

Dinosaur Health Speed

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex 4350 102
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 4350 104
  • Allosaurus Gen 2 4800 105
  • Allosaurus 4650 104
  • Tarbosaurus 4500 104

All can beat him because their higher speed and health and there is only one other epic. Suggestion: T-rex health to 4500 and speed to 105.


Rarity: Epic
Metahub Tier: High Alpha
Health: 3030
Damage: 1190
Speed: 131
Defense: 10%
Critical chance: 5%

Precise Pounce
Short Defense

Since his last boost pretty useful in the lower arenas. Good speed and a nice health for a raptor, also with defense. Though it is sad that the greatest dino in the Jurassic World movies is not usable in higher arenas. What would you change about this dino?

Indominus Rex

Rarity: Legendary
Metahub Tier: Mid Apex
Health: 4500
Damage: 1600
Speed: 107
Defense: 0%
Critical chance: 20%


Armor Piercing Strike
Armor Piercing Impact
Armor Piercing Rampage

Nice damage and health, but relatively slow and can’t pierce shields. It depends way to much on cloak, which is good since the last change.

Yet again is a Gen 2 brother better than the Gen 1. Indom Gen 2 is with 108 speed faster and has Definite Strike which remove cloak, evasion, and shields. It also has Mutual Fury which is really useful against faster opponents. Suggestion: Speed to 108 and change Armor Piercing Strike to Definite Strike.


Rarity: Unique
Metahub Tier: High Apex
Health: 3900
Damage: 1420
Speed: 128
Defense: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

Immune to Distraction, Immune to Stuns

Armor Piercing Strike
Cleansing Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Evasive Stance

The Indoraptor is a really good dino, certainly since the Evasive change. I would not really change something about this awesome monster but yet again it is strange that the Gen 2 is better. Indo Gen 2 has Cautious Strike which is way to OP and with 1500 also more damage. Suggestion: Change Cleansing Impact to Cautious Strike.

What do you guys think of the dinos and what would you guys change?


Nobody any input or thoughts about these movies favorites?

the increase in life of tyrannosaurus is an excellent idea, although the speed for reasons of rarity would keep it like this.

On the other hand, I do not believe that the velociraptor’s life should increase, since even so it will remain weak to the draco, I would prefer an exchange skill for the: Swap in Jump, damage x 0.5, reduce the damage of the target by 50% by 2 shifts

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Thanks for your reaction! I love the idea of swap in jump, but this is especially for draco i think. Still its health is really bad. Last day I got one-shotted by Miragaia! I think it need at least a little boost in health.

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Were you here during the raptor meta? Back when raptors were all monsters, we even saw utahraptor and pyroraptor in apex, and velociraptor was borderline apex. And tyrant didn’t exist back then, so they were endgame dinosaurs. They were really op until 1.3 decided to nerf most of them, and add superiority Strike. Velociraptor I agree on getting a health buff, but not beyond 2200. Though I’d like to see them good again cus I love raptors. My rework of velociraptor:

2150 Health
1550 Attack
132 Speed
0% Armour
10% Crit Chance