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Moving animals

Why not moving animals? All animals are stuck on their place .
Let some walk around a bit, not speedy but just walking.
Looks better than all that on place frozen animals!


Nice idea! Very slow moving animals would be great!

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Yes, easier to catch.

We’re talking about dinos moving on map, not during darting

I suggested this once upon a time. It could be both a benefit and a curse. A benefit that a creature you want wanders into your circle. A curse when it wander out. But if something pops up that you really want just out of range so sit, wait and hope it wander into range would be something. Or then it disappears before it gets into range while waiting.

I would love to have wandering dino’s.

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I would imagine this to be a major server crunch. Am I wrong?

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I wish they did this for scents, so they’d not get stuck inside sanctuaries and strikes. If they’d spawn, they’d walk around the center of your drone.

Certain creatures have different behaviors. The sauropods are still because they couldn’t care less about you while ornith runs away as it’s a skittish prey item

Oh I am so sorry