Moving into the mansion


or ‘Lockwood and lower, here I come’.

I recently dropped down to about 4100 trophies and battled in Lockwood for a while to get some incubators. I had a blast. I was using dinos I only ever leveled up so I could create hybrids. People were fielding creatures I’d never battled before! It was challenging, interesting, and most importantly - fun!

I decided to make my way back up to the aviary, but when I got to about 5000 I noticed something. It was becoming boring again. Utarinex, dilocheirus, tryko… those make up the majority of what I ever see. Monotonous, predictable - not so fun.

So I’m going back down. Back where I can switch up my team a bit. Nodopatotitan? Heck yeah. Dracoceratops? It can hold its own. Maybe I’ll put in my L21 Spinotahraptor, who knows? I do know that I’m going to have fun with it, and not just sit and wonder if it will be utarinex or spinotasuchus first.

See you in the driveway!


Hope to meet you there! :blush:


I have stayed at the 4100 mark and enjoy it. I can change up the team, drop to 3800, mix it up again, back over 4k, switch it up again, back down… I stayed because I did not like the comments I was hearing about the higher levels, facing all the usual suspects. Every. Single. Battle.

We get a nice variety here, except for the start with Indom/cloak right off folks. I have noticed more folks here playing a greater variety in their teams. They appeared to be higher level players dropping down to battle with other than their big 8. As you just confirmed. So you are not alone, others are doing it as well. Good Job!

I see teams of level 20 - 25 Common, teams of all SIA, all Rares or just random Dino’s thrown in that are really fun to battle against.

I also stayed here because it is much easier to have a varied team. I can level everything to be in the 20 – 24 range and not be as affected by buff/nerfs in future releases. Something gets nerfed, I just swap something else in. Something gets a buff, add it to the lineup. Something new gets added, I should have enough DNA in storage to create it to team level. It is a range in which I can create a Unique and use it right off, not have to level it several times. My options are wide open here.

I think it is also the point in the trophy range players start to get a variety of Dino’s. At 3500 they do not have a lot of Legendary and by 4500 they are all Legendary and some Unique. It seems to be a change over mark where teams take on a personality. Many folks still use Epic and Rare in their mix. Those level 20 – 21 Epic are still very viable combatants whereas at 4500 they are trash, they would need to be much higher. A level 18 or 19 Legendary is also a viable team component here, if used properly.

The only thing I miss out on is being in the competitions for top 500 or competing for an Epic incubator. I can fill my incubator slots consistently and my team is just high enough where I can take on the Epic strike towers. Maybe not win them all, but enough to where I have a fighting chance.