Moving special event drops

I would like to see them moving or changing position with normal supply drops.
With this situation there out of my zone and not wasting my health by walking to it.
Or more special event drops!

I agree 100%, there is not one event drop in my radius of 8 drops! And that’s how it will be all weekend long unless they repopulate drops. It should be if you complete a strike it turns into an event drop or you have the option to click a drop down menu and change the type of drop. With these stay at home orders this is very important! I really wanted more Blue this weekend…

The distribution of greenwdrops is a shame.
Yesterday I had at least one. Today:?None!
Instead i have 8!!! Of the same Trial inside my Range ,plus 2 scent strikes…???
How does that mechanic work???
Can You please at least try to spread those things more even?

Yesterday I had 5 green and 3 orange, today it’s all orange and 5 of them are blue strikes… This is crazy!