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Moving stops?

So at home I normally have access to 3 spins/stops. Last night I got on and low and behold 2’of them are completely gone. I restarted this morning and still gone. Is there a reason some move? I want them back please.

As you can see it’s quite sparse now.

Good luck with this one Jake.

Earlier in the week I had a similar issue and sent pics etc… to support about the lack of anything around me other than green stops.

I had just 2 available to spin without having to go out walking, there was no strike events for miles and I missed out on the boost strike and all other strike events until today. Even then I had to go out in the car to find an epic strike tower.

So I sent my email on Wednesday and have heard absolutely nothing back from Ludia.
I’ll probably get the customary - was I satisfied with their service - before getting any kind of an answer.

Yeah, it’s similar to my situation. Got last weekend drops reverted to situation right after 1.10 map update. I fear that only drop in range will turn to chest on monday. So good luck getting any FITs at all. Rest of drops around are mostly event ones.

Wow that’s horrible! Best of luck to you as well. Hope they listen and make an actual change

Man that’s a bummer too! It seems like since 1.10 the stops have been some sort of problem whether lack of events or strike towers or sparsely placed