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Moving the Evolve Button

Is it just my big fat fingers or have others accidentally evolved dinos when looking at their stats? Twice I have been trying to look at a stats page and scroll up to see what I can make from the DNA when it registered a button click. :frowning: (Lost lots of coin). I always try to touch below the Evolve button but it isn’t always easy. Maybe move evolve to bottom or make it smaller?

they need to add a confirm step.


That would be nice. Either move it or add “are you sure?”


Just lost 30K coins while scrolling through some dinos and accidentally hitting the Evolve button! This has happened several times over the last month. I try to be VERY careful and only touch the sides or near the stat bar, but it reads incorrectly sometimes and I lose a ton of cash. I mean, how hard can this be right?! Apple does it, Amazon does it - c’mon Ludia…

Sorry, but very frustrated as i had paid real cash for that to upgrade my Indo.

I agree… but ludia has been asked about this for months now and when they respond its not something there planning on adding. My take is they are ok with it as your likely to buy more coins if you waste coins accidentally evolving something.


Yep, guess they figure the easier it is for people to mess it up the more likely they will need to pay for more coins. After seeing this they will probably make the evolve button even bigger! :rofl: